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Hello, I'm Jakob. I've edited Wikipedia from an account over 23 months now (I spent my first months with the account King jakob c), but before that I made a few IP edits. I've made around 12,700 edits here and nearly 30,000 to Wikimedia projects.

I'm an admin on Wikidata and have made over 1500 edits to Wikimedia Commons.

I reviewed the nomination for the most-viewed DYK ever. My own most-viewed DYK is Laurel Run mine fire (10,426+ views). The runner-up is Fishing Creek Confederacy, which got 9215 views. Curiously, it was a non-bolded link on the hook for West Branch Fishing Creek, which only got about 4500-5000 views. Kase Run (a bolded link) also attracted about 6800 views.

If you want to talk to me, use my talk page (not this page). I also have e-mail enabled, but I'd rather not use that unless it's very important to keep the discussion private. If you do leave me an e-mail, please leave a {{YGM}} template on my talk page, since I probably won't respond in a timely manner otherwise. Thanks.