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Lacey Wildd aka Paula Ann Simonds Reality tv Star. Was Born April 23,1968 Single mother of six.

Blonde,5'7 and 135 lbs brown eyes.

In West Virgina to a large family She is known all over the world for her large bust size. 3500 cc breast implants and large family. She has six children 3 boys and 3 girls. Lacey took the world by storm by appearing on MTV's truelife and from there became an international Phenomenon.She went global after her appearance on MTV and her fame was trending on MSN Lacey Wildd has now signed a contract with a major tv network and is now working on a family reality tv show. Coming out in 2013 Lacey Has appeared on the most popular tv talk shows such as Dr Phil too much of a good thing. Dr Drew life changers Interview with Lacey Dr Drew CNN LIVE with Lacey Wildd Dr Drew Bigger breasts for a better life Chelsea Handle Happy Halloween MTV Truelife "I have a Hot Mom The soup ABC 20/20 Extreme bodies Inside Edition Going under cover with Lacey Wildd ABC 7 most famous Plastic surgeries Huffington Post Extreme Body Bella Magazine inside the life of Lacey Wildd

Lacey Wildd has filmed a few Movies. A parody comedy action 'The Blonde Squad"

And is looking forward to working on a few new horror movie projects.

Also she has started writing a tell all about her life. Her trials and poverty and loss. And her rise to fame. She has lived the American dream. But claims it has been a beautiful Nightmare.

She continues to live in the lime light. And has found fame isnt all its cut out to be. She is always surprising the world with her big heart and humble ways. Don't Judge a book by it's cover!

Lacey's motto GO BIG OR GO HOME!