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Hello, I'm Mlpearc (powwow), I am a 55 year old male the youngest of three brothers. My oldest brother Terry is 10 yrs. my senior, my other brother Robert, was killed in Vietnam in '69 at the age of 19. I currently live in the high desert of southern California, U.S.A. I was born in February in Syracuse, NY. My father, now deceased, was in the US Air Force so we moved a lot, after Syracuse we moved to France. I've been atop the Eiffel Tower, through the Louvre, unfortunately way too young to remember any of it. My mother has been a professional chef all her life so we all grew up with the best of foods and myself, not a bad cook. After France, at age three we moved to Washington D.C. for a short while, (don't remember all the famous stuff I saw or been to there either) then we moved to Big Bear Lake, California. My dad was stationed at George A.F.B. in Victorville. Big Bear is a beautiful mountain community I went to grade school there and they actually had an elective class in snow skiing. My dreams (or my Grandmother's) of being a Olympic skier or figure skater were never realized, but I am pretty good at both.

So I grew up in southern California and consider myself a california native. I went to Apple Valley Sr. High, didn't graduate but I did get my G.E.D. I have an associate degree in electronic engineering. I've worked in housing construction, as a telephone operator (and actually worked that same type of board), most of my experience is in customer service, I was a support manager for a major retailer for 10 yrs. I also was an assistant branch manager for a landscape and irrigation supply company for 7 yrs. My interest are Music, my top 5 favorite bands are Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Queen and AC/DC. I must mention the greatest storytellers that ever stood behind a guitar, Neil Diamond, John Denver and Jim Croce. SiFi, T.V. Star Trek, TOS, TNG. Movies, I adore John Ronald Reuel Tolkien so it's not hard to guess my favorite movies. Finally,(for this bio) we get to the Internet and Computers, my first computer was a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A which you programmed in BASIC and saved your programs and files on a cassette recorder. At that time all there was were Bulletin boards. And this is how you would connect to the young web. Then the internet and I found Wikipedia, and been hooked ever since. First I was seeing it come up in searches and after awhile looked into what is was about, now I've been editing for almost two years, I help in Account Creations.

On 05, December 2010 I started my own project Everything Food & Drink

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