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When in Rome...

Wikipedia is wonderful and infuriating in about equal measures. My contributions are infrequent and only on subjects that I know something about. I've got over the constant checking stage, I'm not a member of any Wikiprojects and don't collect Wiki-badges. What you write is ephemeral, subject to edits both informed and profoundly ignorant, vandalised routinely by schoolboys with nothing better to do, and earnest types with a misplaced sense of what is appropriate. Even so I'd recommend contributing to Wikipedia if you have the time and inclination: it is often the first source to come up on Google searches and unless you're J K Rowling, what you write here is probably going to have far more influence than anything you could possibly write elsewhere.


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  • Needs more references {{refimprove}}
  • No references at all {{unreferenced}}
  • Unverified information [citation needed] {{Fact|reason=article|date=May2008}}
  • Reference <ref>[] Google</ref>
  • Multi reference <ref name=A>DETAILS OF REF</ref>
  • Subsequently: <ref name=A/>
  • Reflist {{reflist}}
  • Gallery <gallery caption="Sample gallery" widths="100px" heights="100px" perrow="4"> </gallery>
  • Italy {{flagicon|Italy}}
  • Break <br clear="all" />
  • Request deletion on Commons {{subst:ncd|image name on Commons}}
  • Don't show this <!-- Text -->
  • Link to section [[Article#Section]]
  • Redirect #REDIRECT [[target page name here]]
  • Stub {{Architecture-stub}}
  • Complete mess {{Cleanup-rewrite}}
  • Confusing {{Confusing|reason=|date=}}