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The Automatic Referencing Assistant (ARA) is a script which aids users in correcting referencing errors. It notifies the user when the article being edited is missing the {{Reflist}} template, has invalid or broken <ref></ref> tags, or is missing the "Name" parameter in the Persondata template. Clicking a fix link will automatically add the necessary template or information to the correct location in the article.

For a written history of the script, see here.


To use this script:

  1. Place
    importScript('User:TheJJJunk/ARA.js'); // [[User:TheJJJunk/Automatic Referencing Assistant]]
    in your common.js. If the script doesn't work immediately, Bypass your cache.
  2. Add your name to the list of users.

List of functions[edit]

Function Status Description Activity
missing {{Reflist}} Approved Adds the {{Reflist}} template to the article if citations are present.     -Active
inapplicable tag Approved Removes {{unreferenced}} and {{no footnotes}} tags if <ref> tags present.[a]     -Active
missing reference groups Approved Adds the {{Reflist|group}} template to the article if citations using the |group= parameter are present.     -Active
unnecessary reference groups Approved Removes the |group= parameter from citations that have an improper group listed.     -Active
extra whitespace in citation Approved Removes extra whitespace from citations.     -Active
invalid ref position Approved Fixes spacing before <ref> tags and periods (.) after </ref> tags.     -Active
Invalid <ref></ref> tags Approved If citations using <ref></ref> tags are listed below the {{Reflist}} template, removes the <ref></ref> tags.     -Active
broken <ref></ref> tags Approved Fixes malformed <ref></ref> tags (./ref>, ,/ref>, or </ref).     -Active
broken {{Reflist}} Approved Fixes a malformed {{Reflist}} template ({{reflist)), {{relist}}, or {{Reflist|2}).     -Active
URL scheme error Approved Adds http:// onto invalid URLs in citations.     -Active
URL scheme error (Capital) Approved Adds http:// onto invalid URLs in citations that begin with a capital letter (These are most likely not actually URLs).     -Active
empty citations Approved Removes empty citations ("<ref></ref>") from the article.     -Active
missing Name in Persondata Approved Adds the |NAME= parameter to the article's PERSONDATA.     -Active
accessdate without URL Withdrawn by operator Removes the |accessdate= paramater from citations lacking the url= parameter.     -Inactive
citation type Withdrawn by operator Replaces {{cite web}} with {{citation}} if the citation lacks the title= parameter.     -Inactive
coauthors without author Withdrawn by operator Replaces the |coauthor= paramater with |author= if the citation lacks the last= and author= parameters.     -Inactive
heading style Withdrawn by operator Removes spaces in headings (== Heading ==    →    ==Heading==).     -Inactive

Report errors, comments, and suggestions[edit]

To report an error with this script, to comment on it, or to suggest new functions, leave a message on my talk page or the script talk page.


  1. ^ Only textual notes could be present using the <ref> tags, meaning that the article could still be unreferenced.