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Kabal performing @ Stones throw festival 2006.jpg
Birth name Kevin Theodoropolus
Ring name(s) Killer Kevin Piper
Jimmy The Sheep Wanker
The Brampton Skid
Kaktus Kev
Theo Jones
Billed height 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Billed weight 180 lb (82 kg)
Born (1973-01-15) January 15, 1973 (age 41)
Brampton, Ontario
Resides Georgetown, Ontario
Billed from The Bowels Of Hell (as "Satan")
The Hex Arcade (as "The Brampton Skid" Kaktus Kev)
Trained by Self trained
Debut 1986
Retired 2008

Kevin Michael Theodoropolus, better known by his stage name Kabal, is an underground rapper & producer from Bramalea, Ontario Canada. He is also an established tattoo artist as well as a former indy wrestler & senior wrestling official for UWA Hardcore Wrestling.

Early Life[edit]

Theodoropolus was born on January 15th, 1973 in Brampton, Ontario Canada. His family bounced around the Greater Toronto Area before settling into Bramalea. Somewhat of a problem child, Kevin was constantly in hot water with his teachers & principals throughout his gradeschool days at Birchbank Public School. The trend continued throughout grades 6 - 8 at Williams Parkway which paved the path to his worst behaviour while attending North Park Secondary School. Fighting, arson, vandalism, drugs, alcohol, theft, fraud.....these were just a few of the things that led to convicitions. During these rough early years of life his only saving grace was the trifecta of art, music & wrestling. Kevin was also an avid fan of horror movies from a very young age. After graduating highschool Kabal quickly suckled the teet of the music & wrestling industries respectively to avoid longterm prison time and to escape a life of crime.

Music Career[edit]

From a very young age, the two things that always fascinated Theodoropolus were art & music. For his fifth birthday his parents got him a Muppet Show drumset. Kevin was constantly bashing away on the kit while wearing headphones & listening to his favorite vinyl records & eight track cassettes.

In grade seven he joined the school band. After being discouraged by the huge line of kids at the drum try outs the previous year, Kevin settled with the trombone which he ended up hating so he quickly switched to the alto saxophone. Early in the school year he became friends with the class drummer who gave him some lessons. In no time he was ripping up the skins and was even allowed to play drums in band class on days his friend was absent.

By the time he reached grade nine in 1987 Kevin bought a drum set and started his first band Social Disorder, a Crossover thrash band. Originally a three man band Social Disorder evolved into a group of five with Theodoropolus going on to be the band's vocalist. The youngsters played originals, cover songs, released a demo & performed at two house parties in Brampton. The band broke up in 1989 after their bass player moved to Vancouver.

Also in 1987 Kabal was unofficially born when Theo, who had been hanging out with friends who were DJs, recorded his first rap song entitled Hate Rap under the un-original alias MC Kev T. The recording was done through a mixing board to cassette tape over a mix of various rap instrumentals including 45 king's The 900 Number & Fast Eddie's Yo Yo, Get Funky.

In 1991 Theodoropolus who was off the mic & back on the drums, co-wrote some songs with a former classmate. The excited duo got an old pal to play bass & Grasshopper was born. Local promoter William New gave the boys their first break at his infamous 1150 Club, and the power trio quickly blew up in the underground and gained notoriety via the city's weekly papers Now magazine and Eye magazine. Grasshopper eventually earned their own weekly spot at New's club and were granted the freedom to select their own opening acts each week. A demo tape Born loser was soon released as well as a music video for the title track, which saw fair rotation on muchmusic. Grasshopper received a lot of critical acclaim despite their musical short comings which earned them a spot as pioneers of the grunge music scene in Toronto. At the peak of their success personal conflicts and hidden agendas disbanded the group. Theo and bassist Mike Chapman were discarded and replaced by a new rhythm section, a trend that would follow Grasshopper.

At the time the two were working with another friend named Mike Myers on a rap effort called 3 n' Pass so all energy was now focused on what some consider to be Brampton's first rap group. The threesome was inspired by the Beastie Boys. They created crude, primitive recordings with a drum machine, turntable, keyboards and microphones using a 4 track recorder. 3 n' Pass played quite a few shows in the Toronto area and produced their own homemade music videos. Eventually Mike and Mike felt Theo had the superior mic skills and they showed interest in turning the rap crew into a live band with Myers on bass, Chapman on guitar, and long time friend John McCuish on drums, seating Theodoropolus as the front man. The 3 men behind Kevin had previously played in a crossover thrash band called E.B.S. (Epileptic Brain Surgeons) in the late 80s-early 90s, and they were essentially role models and inspiring icons to Theo, so naturally the new found foursome clicked, made a handful of songs, rocked a few gigs, and that was the end of it.

Kevin had also become friends with a local bouncer named Paul Oppermann at a club he frequently performed at, who was in a local band that was also inspired by E.B.S. They were a group of kids his age, from his territory, that he saw at all the shows in his younger years, but never actually met, and they called themselves Demon Barf. D.B. were a comical combination of thrash, death, hardcore, industrial & hip hop to sum up the sound. Theo joined the crew as a friend, roadie, wrestler, stage performer and vocalist, generally doing heavy cover versions of classic rap hits. Demon Barf broke up sometime in 93-94 along with Grasshopper and 3 n' Pass.

With everyone virtually sitting in musical frustration, Paul decided to start throwing funky, freestyle, jam sessions at his house on a weekly basis. Myers was on bass, Paul and Mike C. were on guitars, Demon Barf drummer Gregg Davis supplied the beats, Theo supplied freestyle rhymes as well as samples from a cd player and keyboard. Dave McCracken took over as "sound fx man" for Theo,and Eric Powell came by with his trumpet. One of Demon Barf's two vocalists Kevin Evans supplied action on the turntables and Justin Eckersall brought his bongos and congas by. It seemed every week someone new was showing up and Paul made sure to hit record on a new blank tape each jam. The crew was dubbed The B-Funk All-Stars, the B for Brampton, the hometown they all shared respectively.

Theo also did a few songs with friends Greg Dawson and Frank Barone with an outfit called Dead Homiez which was hardcore metal with rapping, and was very short lived. Over the weeks the funk ensemble was narrowed down to a total of 6 members and the band re- named themselves Black Belt Jones & The Furious Five. As time went on and jams unfolded, the group narrowed down to Kevin, Paul, Mike and Mike, and the bands name narrowed down as well to simply Black Belt Jones. Paul had boughten a drum machine and sampler which the crew used to refine the previous magical recipe used for 3 n' Pass. BBJ released 2 demos in 2 years, played countless shows and parties and eventually disbanded due to personal conflicts. Shortly after they were offered a spot on the Beastie Boys Tibetan Freedom Concert, but the clan humbly refused the offer. Along the duration of BBJ, Theodoropolus had also become the front man of a death metal rap band called Wiggaz A.D. who were good friends of his, the band consisted of Dawson on guitar, Barone on drums and Rob Clarke on bass. BBJ alumnist Mike Myers carried the vocal duties, which were originally assigned to Greg and Rob. One night when BBJ was opening for Wiggaz tragedy struck, the lead singer of Wiggaz could not make the show. Theo offered to fill the spot as he knew all the bands songs and lyrics, but he insisted on being disguised as he did not want to be seen fronting two bands in one night. A devil mask and cheap plaid 70s suit with platform shoes did the job and the show was a success. Wiggaz immediately asked/told Kev he was their new singer without even consoling their current vocalist. Wiggaz would go on to release a 2nd demo with the new line up and they put out a video for the song Seed which received heavy rotation on muchmusic for years. Once again personal conflicts ended yet another stellar band.

A year or so passed by when Greg approached Theo with a couple of songs he had recorded with a new band named Grift. Once again Greg was on guitars, Frank on skins, and a fellow from Rexdale named Carlo Sampogna was on bass. Carlo played with a previous band called Fraktured whom Wiggaz had met back at their old rehearsal space, Rumblefish Studios. Grift had a full cd worth of material and they were approaching various vocalists in the scene to guest spot on songs. Kevin ended up doing two tracks, Cooped Up and Local Scam. Upon the CDs release, those two songs garnished the most praise, friendships were rekindled, and Theo went on to be the full time singer for Grift. The band had an illustrious career which spanned from 1997 to 2001. Grift released 6 albums in total and toured Canada in the summer of 1998. Their 2nd to 5th CDs were recorded at Harlow Sound, where Dawson briefly worked and learned the art of studio engineering alongside Brampton scenester Steve Donohoe, who had previously worked with Wiggaz and Black Belt Jones. Steve went onto be a premier audio engineer for Rockstar Games. Dawson recorded the 6th and final Grift cd in his new home studio BWC (Brampton Wrecking Crew), a moniker Kevin had dubbed his gang of friends and loyal Grift fans. During these sessions Kevin got hands on experience with cutting edge audio software which was later copied and given to him on discs from his band mate.

Theo had moved from Brampton to Orangeville in Grift's early days to pursue his tattoo career. His appartment became a flop house for his new found friends, one of whom bought a computer which he left there. The computer was loaded with the audio software Greg had given Kevin, who was now trying his hand at producing hip hop music. Along side two locals, Cory McCallum from the punk band 5 Knuckle Chuckle and Virgil MacInnis from the punk band The Residues, a new rap crew emerged which also included a young Syrian kid named Moustapha Zhagatti who had recently moved from Clarkson to Orangeville with his family to help run their convenience store. Mo was a street thug rapper who called himself AK47. The four men dubbed their new found crew Rotten Utensils and each member took on a new utensil related alias. Cory was the PZA (pizza) Cutta Virgil was Loaded Shellz Mo was Bloody Chainz and Theo was Quadruple Shankz, an obscure reference to the leatherman pocket knife he carried. Kevin executed the majority of the production on the venture, learning new tricks and techniques along the way. Overwhelmed with his new found passion he produced a 5 song ep with Cory under the alias Dons of the Dead. McCallum was running a local record store at the time called Hardcore Sounds so he decided to package, press, and release a small run of Rotten Utensils CDs which sold immediately. Soon after Kevin moved to Georgetown, Virgil moved to Vancouver, and the Utensils rusted away.

Theo had done a few solo songs in Orangeville under the alias Euronymous, but they didn't quite fit the vision he had carried since his early teenage years. Kevin had always wanted to create a solo record from the time he was 14, but he had been diverted from the countless bands he played in from 1987 to 2002. It was now time to fulfill the boyhood dream of telling his life story through rap, and he had inadvertently gained the means to do so through years and years of life experiences and gained knowledge. The only setback now was having the software but no longer having the computer to use it with, so Kevin began his writing phase, filling pages with life tales in chronological order, jotting down ideas, samples he wanted to use from the countless films he was watching & samples of beats and music he was going to "borrow". Kevin was reading Clive Barker's novel Cabal at the time and decided to start using the alias Kabal, replacing the C with a K since it was the first letter of his name. The film Nightbreed had been one of Kevin's favorite movies as a teen and it was based on the book Cabal. As a troubled, frustrated teenager, Theo fantasized about being the main character Boone/Cabal, as he needed a place to escape to and related to the character.

From 2000-2002 Theo also worked with former band mate Paul Oppermann on a project called Don Stefano which was essentially a continuation of BBJ. They released a cd, sold them all at the one and only show they ever played, then called it quits. Kevin was fortunate enough to learn to use a new program with Paul as his tutor, which taught him how to make his own beats, bass lines, synth sounds and more. Paul was generous enough to hook Theo up with the software, which was also now lying in wait during the writing process that lasted 2 years, until Theodoropolus finally bought a home computer in 2004. The next 2-3 years were spent creating songs and sampling the music and movie ideas that he had written down. On February 4th 2007, Kevin became a father when his son Gabriel was born on Superbowl Sunday, and he took a break from his masterpiece in the making which ended up lasting 18 months. Loose ends were wrapped up and The Baddest Stories Ever Told was finally released online for digital download. It was 2 volumes that consisted of 44 tracks in total, that followed the life of Kevin from birth until the end of 2006. Theodoropolus produced and released all of his own material under the homegrown label Midian Music, Midian being the underground city the Nightbreed inhabit in the novel Cabal.

During the production of Stories, Kabal managed to release 2 various artist compilations, his solo recordings from Orangeville, and a collaboration cd featuring work he had done with other people, not to mention he put out a Rotten Utensils remix cd with Oliver Corby AKA Artimetik, who was a former Residue with Virgil MacInnis. They also formed a rap group called Tha Crackaz after relocating from Orangeville to the west coast. Kabal also hooked up with a new online friend who was a former Grift fan named Ben Andress. Ben made accoustic songs under the alias Smile Case for his indy label Black Top Records. Kevin and Ben collaborated on an accoustic rap project named Cigar Face, which was heavily inspired by the film The Toxic Avenger, and they put out a full length album. Theo also released old recordings of AK47's he had worked on up in Orangeville that were misplaced for years. Since 2009 Kabal has been back with a vengeance, releasing Horrorcore Bouillabaisse & Tales From The Mixtape volume 1. Kabal is currently in production on 73', his newest full length, as well as various side projects.


  • Hate Rap - Cassette Single (1988) As MC KEV T

  • Social Disorder - Self titled demo tape (1989)

  • Born Loser - Demo tape (1992) w/ Grasshopper

  • 3 n' Pass - Self titled demo tape (1993)

  • Black Belt Jones - Self titled demo tape (1994)
  • Eat Yer words - Demo tape (1996) w/ Black Belt Jones

  • I Am Elvis, I Dies For Your Sins' - Demo tape (1995) w/ Wiggaz

  • Post Secondary Education - CD (1997) w/ Grift
  • Guilty By Association - Grift/Dirge split CD (1997)
  • Pimp Daddy 3000 - CD (1999) w/ Grift
  • Born To Be Wired - CD (2000) w/ Grift
  • Bright Side Of The Brown - CD (2001) w/ Grift
  • 26 Ways NOT To Get Signed - CD (2002) w/ Grift

  • TeKnow Terror - An Experiment In Music - Digital download (2000) Kabal as Euronymous

  • The D-Team - CD (2002) w/ Don Sefano
  • Hardcore 4 Sale - Digital download (2012) w/ Don Stefano

  • The Rotten LP - CD (2003) w/ Rotten Utensils
  • The Rotten Remixes - Digital download (2004) w/ Rotten Utensils

  • Fresh Out The Jar - CD (2005) w/ Cigar Face

  • The Bong Squad: Volume One - Digital download (2004) Various Artists
  • The Bong Squad: Volume Two - Digital download (2006) Various Artists

  • The Appolyon E.P. - Digital download (2006) Kabal as Euronymous
  • Collabo Nation - Digital download (2007) as Kabal
  • The Baddest Stories Ever Told - Digital download (2009) as Kabal
  • Horrorcore Bouillabaisse E.P. - Digital download (2010) as Kabal
  • Tales From The Mix Tape vol​.​1 - Digital download (2011) as Kabal
  • 73' - Digital download (2012) as Kabal

Wrestling Career[edit]

Theodoropolus was a member of the amateur wrestling team from 1985-1987 but was given a lifetime ban after using a vertical suplex during one of his matches, an illegal move that blacklisted him from competiton. In 1986 he founded the BWF (Brampton Wrestling Federation) Brampton's first backyard wrestling organization. He wrestled under the name "Killer" Kevin Piper. His charachter's gimmick was a mix of his two favorite wrestlers at that point in time, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper & Jason The Terrible (Karl Moffat).

In the early 90's the BWF rose again and Theodoropolus stepped back in the ring as Satan & Jimmy The Sheep Wanker, both gimmicks were inspired by mascots for local band Demon Barf, who had joined up with the BWF. Most of these crude backyard matches actually took place in various bars around Brampton where Demon Barf was performing.

In the late 90's Theodoropolus met two up & coming wrestling promoters who had their own backyard federation known as UWA Hardcore Wrestling. Kevin began working with the enthusiastic youngsters and even stepped back in the ring with a new gimmick "The Brampton Skid" Kaktus Kev. The skid was a blatant ripoff of Cactus Jack (Mick Foley). He amazed crowds with is ability to absorb extreme ammounts of punishment. Kaktus went on to be a fan favorite and even held the BWF title for quite sometime.

In 2002 UWA Hardcore Wrestling became a legit organization and Theodoropolus returned to the ring once again, not as a wrestler but as UWA's senior official Theo Jones. He had the privelage of working with some of the biggest names in the business including Ultimo Dragon, Jushin Thunder Liger & Jerry Lynn just to name a few. On August 15th, 2008 the UWA held their final show before closing the doors after a decade of bloodshed.

Theodoropolus hung up the wrestling gear for good & has now shown interest in officiating Mixed Martial Arts.

Tattoo Career[edit]

In Late 1997 Theodoropolus was helping a friend out who had opened a head shop by working weekends for free. As the shop grew the owner's cousin joined the team and he had been learning to tattoo for the past few years. The service was offered to the public and quickly caught on. An apprentice was needed and Kevin, who had been an artist his entire life, was in the right place at the right time so to speak. Just shy of 2 years into the apprenticeship the teacher jumped town and the student was left to fend for himself. Theo was pushed into a fulltime spot in the shop when in reality he wasn't ready. He read every piece of information he could get his hands on and got tattooed so he could pick up tips & tricks from veteran artists. Time passed and it was obvious his skills were growing quickly.

In 2001 Kevin relocated to Georgetown, Ontario Canada as the shop was expanding. In 2003 he had a falling out with the owner and went his own way, quickly establishing Pleasures Of The Flesh, a home based studio that allowed him a fulltime living from the comfort of his own home. 6 years later Kevin had a son with his wife and decided to work a steady day job as tattooing provided no dental/medical benefits or pension plan, however he still tattoos on a part time basis. In 2011 he changed the name of his business to Leviticus Tattoos.

Personal Life[edit]

Theodoropolus currently lives in Georgetown, Ontario Canada. He is still producing music & running his tattoo studio Leviticus Tattoos.
He was seperated from his wife in 2010 and lives with his son part time. As of now he is in the works on a new full length, personal side projects, and a collaboration with former Rotten Utensil "PZA" which will be released under the name Street Trash. In his spare time when Kevin isn't writing or producing, he enjoys hanging out with his son and having fun & can be found almost daily playing left 4 dead 2 on Xbox 360, gamertag CabalwithaK 420. Kevin also collects horror movie memorabillia including books, action figures, films & latex masks.

In Wrestling[edit]

Championships and accomplishments[edit]

  • Brampton Wrestling Federation
    • BWF Champion (3 times)
  • Ontario Indy Wrestling
    • Promotion of the Year (2005)

Winner: UWA Hardcore
Often the subject of much debate and controversy throughout the year, the loyal and sometimes rabid fans of the UWA Hardcore have made their voice heard. UWA Hardcore has been consistent and have put on solid shows throughout the year bringing in top indy talent from around the world. UWA Hardcore received a 30.7% share of the total votes.

  • Best Referee of the Year (2005)

1st Runner Up: Theo Jones with 20.1%

List of DVD Releases[edit]

Each month at every new show, UWA Hardcore used to release the previous month's show to DVD. Show titles were not known until the DVD of the event was released. Cover art for the releases were drawn by comic book artist Derek Laufman and featured comic-style drawings of members of UWA Hardcore's roster. The layout of the DVDs were designed by Mark Guilherme, featuring photos taken by John Lee. The releases were available during shows, as well as online at RF Video, Smart Mark Video, ROH Wrestling's Official Site and Wrestling Merch Direct, the official online store of UWA Hardcore.


  • UWA Hardcore: Rise of the Underground [10.29.04]


  • UWA Hardcore: The Battle For Honour [03.18.05]
  • UWA Hardcore: A Call for Blood [07.22.05]
  • UWA Hardcore: Lords of the Underground [08.26.05]
  • UWA Hardcore: A Time for Respect [11.25.05]


  • UWA Hardcore: Dawn of the Dragon [01.13.06]
  • UWA Hardcore: Firestorm [02.17.06]
  • UWA Hardcore: Dawn of the Apocalypse [03.24.06]
  • UWA Hardcore: The Faded Line [04.28.06]
  • UWA Hardcore: Echoes of War [05.26.06]
  • UWA Hardcore: The Art of Combat [06.23.06]
  • UWA Hardcore: Return of the Dragon [07.28.06]
  • UWA Hardcore: Maximum Carnage [09.22.06]
  • UWA Hardcore: GP Tournament 2006 Night I [10.27.06]
  • UWA Hardcore: GP Tournament 2006 Night II [10.28.06]
  • UWA Hardcore: Return of the Phoenix [11.24.06]


  • UWA Hardcore: Hour of the Dragon [01.19.07]
  • UWA Hardcore: Infinite Glory [02.16.07]
  • UWA Hardcore: King of the Deathmatch '07 [02.24.07]
  • UWA Hardcore: Reign of Vengeance [03.23.07]
  • UWA Hardcore: Darkest Hour [04.27.07]
  • UWA Hardcore versus Toryumon Japan: Night One [05.25.07]
  • UWA Hardcore versus Toryumon Japan: Night Two [05.26.07]
  • UWA Hardcore: Days of Glory [06.22.07]


  • UWA Hardcore: Resurrection [01.19.08]
  • UWA Hardcore: Panic Attack [02.15.08]
  • UWA Hardcore: Battle Cry [03.28.08]
  • UWA Hardcore: Grand Prix 2008 I [05.30.08]
  • UWA Hardcore: Grand Prix 2008 II [05.31.08]

Television Releases

  • UWA Hardcore Television Volume I
  • UWA Hardcore Television Volume II
  • UWA Hardcore Television Volume III
  • UWA Hardcore Television Volume IV

Feature Releases

  • UWA Hardcore Ultimate UWA
  • UWA Hardcore Sampler Disc 2005
  • UWA Hardcore Sampler Disc 2008


UWA Hardcore Wrestling was originally on Bite TV; However, on April 9, 2007, UWA Hardcore Wrestling announced on their website that they'd be ending the TV relationship with Bite TV and starting a new deal with The Fight Network. [1] The show was 30 minutes long and played several times a week at 8:30 am. UWA made its broadcasting debut in the UK on 12 December 2007 on TWC Fight! UWA Hardcore's Toryumon shows were also broadcast in Japan on Samuri TV.

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