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Mula bandha

- pelvic diaphragm, urogenital triangle - associated to the genitals an urethra - selas urogenital energy into the body, controlling and restraining it during breathing exercises and meditation [1]

- performed by contracting the anal sphincter muscle forcibly and pulling it upward - siddhasana is the best posture for the practice of this bandha - preparation for mula bandha - ashwini mudra - pressure of the anal sphincter; heat is generated, causes apana to move upward; apana usually moved downward - apana (base of the spine) assimilated with prana (chest) and reached the forehead (ajna) [2]

- mula = root, origin, source, cause, basis, foundation - region between anus and genitals - contract pc. muscle, lifts vertically upwards towards he navel - the lower anterior abdomen below navel is pressed backwards towards the spine - executed in internal retention (antara kumbhaka) - increases sexual retentive power; temptation of sexual abuse; crossroads between yoga and bhoga [3]


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