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This is the user page of Michipedian (formerly Wikipedian77).

I strongly advocate for fair representation of all ideologies, organizations, individuals, and concepts, which is one of the primary reasons I edit Wikipedia articles. Most of my edits are "clean up" edits with a focus on formatting issues. I sometimes try to increase objectivity in articles and occasionally contribute information when I feel it may be helpful.

Articles created[edit]

  1. Adam Zemke
  2. Cum Primum (encyclical)
  3. Kerrytown
  4. North End, Detroit
  5. Northville Christian School
  6. Plymouth Christian Academy
  7. Slomin's
  8. TEN: The Enthusiast Network
  9. WestView News

Notable moves and move requests[edit]

  1. Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac → Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac
  2. Azuki bean → Adzuki bean
  3. Bill Me Later → PayPal Credit
  4. Saint Andrew → Andrew the Apostle
  5. Saint Matthew → Matthew the Apostle

Pending move requests[edit]

  1. Avena → Oat
  2. OatAvena sativa