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This user is a bot
(talk · contribs)
P&H 4100XPB Shovel-1.jpg
WolterBot shoveling report pages
to the project namespace
Operator B. Wolterding (talk · contribs)
Approved? Approved
Flagged? Yes
Task(s) Upload maintenance-related reports to Wikipedia project space
Edit rate max. 5 edits/minute
Edit period(s) Irregular
Automatic or manual? Automatic
Programming language(s) Java
Exclusion compliant? No
Emergency shutoff-compliant? Yes

Deletion icon.svg WolterBot is down since March 2010.


The bot uploads maintenance-related listings and reports to Wikipedia project space. See:

Technical information[edit]

This bot is written in Java, using the Java Wiki Bot Framework. It runs at infrequent intervals.

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