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A good compromise is a situation in which all parties involved are slightly disappointed.

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Articles created and expanded[edit]

Churches: Akebäck Church | Ala Church | Almunge Church | Alsike Church | Alskog Church | Alunda Church | Alva Church | Anga Church, Gotland | Angarn Church | Ardre Church | Balingsta Church | Barlingbo Church | Bladåker Church | Björke Church | Boge Church | Boglösa Church | Bro Church, Gotland | Bro Church, Uppland | Bunge Church | Burs Church | Buttle Church | Bäl Church | Börje Church | Church of the Holy Ghost, Tallinn | Dalhem Church | Drothem Church | Eke Church | Eksta Church | Enåker Church | Endre Church | Etelhem Church | Falsterbo Church | Fardhem Church | Fasterna Church | Fole Church | Follingbo Church | Fresta Church | Fröjel Church | Frötuna Church | Fårö Church | Gammelgarn Church | Ganthem Church | Garde Church | Gothem Church | Greyfriars Abbey, Ystad | Gryta Church | Grötlingbo Church | Hablingbo Church | Hall Church, Gotland | Halla Church, Gotland | Havdhem Church | Hejdeby Church | Hellvi Church | Hemse Church | Hilleshög Church | Hogrän Church | Härkeberga Church | Häverö Church | Hörsne Church | Jumkil Church | Kalix Church | Karja Church | Kihelkonna St. Michael's Church | Klinte Church | Kräklingbo Church | Lau Church | Levide Church | Linde Church | Lye Church | Läby Church | Lärbro Church | Markim Church | Martebo Church | Muhu St. Catherine's Church | Munsö Church | Nederluleå Church | Roma Church | Rone Church | Roma Abbey | Roslags-Bro Church | Rö Church | Saint Catherine's Monastery, Tallinn | Skanör Church | Skederid Church | Skepptuna Church | Skånela Church | St. Catherine's Church, Pärnu | St. Elizabeth's Church, Pärnu | St. Lawrence's Church, Söderköping | St. Mary's Church, Sigtuna | St. Mary's Church, Ystad | St. Peter and St. Paul's Cathedral, Tallinn | St Michael's Church, Tallinn | Stenkyrka Church | Stånga Church | Sundre Church | Sånga Church | Tensta Church | Tierp Church | Tingstäde Church | Tofta Church, Gotland | Träkumla Church | Vaksala Church | Vamlingbo Church | Vänge Church, Uppland | Yttergran Church | Öja Church
Nature reserves in Estonia: Agusalu Nature Reserve | Alema Nature Reserve | Anne Nature Reserve | Avaste Nature Reserve | Endla Nature Reserve | Järveküla Nature Reserve | Kabli Nature Reserve | Kolga Nature Reserve | Kõpu Nature Reserve | Laidevahe Nature Reserve | Leigri Nature Reserve | Lindi Nature Reserve | Linnuraba Nature Reserve | Luitemaa Nature Reserve | Muraka Nature Reserve | Nedrema Nature Reserve | Nätsi-Võlla Nature Reserve | Orkjärve Nature Reserve | Parika Nature Reserve | Pihla-Kaibaldi Nature Reserve | Puhtu-Laelatu Nature Reserve | Raudna Nature Reserve | Rubina Nature Reserve | Silma Nature Reserve | Sirtsi Nature Reserve | Sookuninga Nature Reserve | Tahkuna Nature Reserve | Tihu Nature Reserve | Tündre Nature Reserve | Vahenurme Nature Reserve | Vardi Nature Reserve | Viidumäe Nature Reserve
Other: Abraham Schöpfer | Alexander Friedrich von Hueck | Arthur Mayger Hind | B7 Baltic Islands Network | Blekinge archipelago | Carl Timoleon von Neff | Church frescos in Sweden | Copenhagen Psalter | Estonia under Swedish rule | Forestry in Estonia | Fredrik Magnus Piper | Gothic secular and domestic architecture | Great Guild, Tallinn | Hans Kemmer | Hegvald | Henning van der Heide | Henrik Fleming | Hermann Martin Asmuss | Holdre | Ice Age Centre | Jan Borman | Jan de Molder | Johan Baptista van Uther | Johann Heinrich Baumann | Johann Michael Graff | Johannes Stenrat | Jonas Carl Linnerhielm | Jordan Painter | Karl von Ditmar | Katthamra | Kirumpää | Koluvere Castle | Kuressaare Castle | Kärstna | Lahmuse | Liturgical comb | Ludwig Refinger | Maidla, Ida-Viru County | Master Byzantios | Master Majestatis | Master of the Passion of Christ | Master Sigraf | Master of Schloss Lichtenstein | Master of the Brunswick Diptych | Mikkel Museum | Mooste | Nicolas Dipre | Othelric | Otto Friedrich Theodor von Möller | Psalter (GKS 1605 4°) | Põltsamaa Castle | Skara Missal | Stenbock House | Stora Hästnäs | Svindersvik | Tammistu, Tartu County | Tartu Town Hall | Utö hus | Villem Raam | Votive ship | Värnanäs archipelago | Willem Swidde | Õisu
Lists: List of churches in Estonia | List of Christian religious houses in Estonia | List of Christian religious houses in Finland | List of Estonian composers | List of Estonian scientists | List of Romanesque artists | List of churches in Stockholm | List of churches in Uppland | List of churches on Gotland | List of church ruins on Gotland | List of palaces and manor houses in Estonia
Articles five times expanded: Hörningsholm Castle | Sturehov Manor | Trolle-Ljungby Castle | Tynnelsö Castle | Övedskloster Manor | Hovdala Castle | Örbyhus Castle

DYK contributions[edit]

Did You Know? Kirikuküla, Kaarma Parish | Did You Know? Carl Timoleon von Neff | Did You Know? Church of the Holy Ghost, Tallinn | Did You Know? Stenbock House | Did You Know? Johann Heinrich Baumann | Did You Know? St. Lawrence's Church, Söderköping | Did You Know? Karja Church | Did You Know? Master Majestatis | Did You Know? Bunge Church |Did You Know? Lau Church | Did You Know? Lye Church | Did You Know? Hemse Church | Did You Know? Öja Church | Did You Know? Roslags-Bro Church | Did You Know? Lärbro Church | Did You Know? Övedskloster Manor | Did You Know? Vaksala Church | Did You Know? Skånela Church | Did You Know? Fredrik Magnus Piper | Did You Know? Trolle-Ljungby Castle | Did You Know? Skederid Church | Did You Know? Enåker Church | Did You Know? Estonia under Swedish rule | Did You Know? Copenhagen Psalter | Did You Know? Härkeberga Church | Did You Know? Sturehov Manor | Did You Know? Munsö Church | Did You Know? Läby Church | Did You Know? Barlingbo Church | Did You Know? Gryta Church | Did You Know? Roma Abbey | Did You Know? Rone Church | Did You Know? Dalhem Church | Did You Know? Fårö Church | Did You Know? Roma Church | Did You Know? Kalix Church | Did You Know? Nederluleå Church | Did You Know? Skara Missal | Did You Know? Tynnelsö Castle | Did You Know? Hörningsholm Castle | Did You Know? Örbyhus Castle | Did You Know? Hovdala Castle


Barnstar-estonia.png The Estonia Star
For redoing the List of castles in Estonia as a table with images, names, construction dates, locations, and current state. DThomsen8 (talk) 12:14, 27 December 2012 (UTC)

Original Barnstar Hires.png The Original Barnstar
For your excellent work on Church of the Holy Ghost, Tallinn, keep them coming! ♦ Dr. ☠ Blofeld 15:18, 25 February 2013 (UTC)

BoNM - Estonia.png Estonia Barnstar of National Excellence
For your excellent work on Estonian topics, keep up the great work in addressing systematic bias! ♦ Dr. ☠ Blofeld 15:23, 25 February 2013 (UTC)

Writers Barnstar Hires.png The Writer's Barnstar
Good articles, although I've only been through about half of them by now. You might want to apply for autopatrolled right, as I noticed that some of them had stayed unreviewed for quite a long time. Widr (talk) 13:30, 7 July 2013 (UTC)

Christian Barnstar.png The Christianity Barnstar
Dear Yakikaki, I award you The Christianity Barnstar for all of your contributions to WikiProject Christianity, especially your recent creation of ‎Gryta Church. You are making a difference here! Keep up the good work! With regards, AnupamTalk 04:52, 8 June 2014 (UTC)

BoNM - Sweden Hires.png The Sweden Barnstar of National Merit
Yakikaki is awarded the Swedish Barnstar for a series of articles on medieval churches. Ghirla-трёп- 16:38, 6 July 2014 (UTC)

Gotland vapen.svg The Gotlandic Sheep Badge
To Yakikaki, For your extraordinary and tireless work on churches and ruins on Gotland, (...and they are many...).
In Gotland, the gift of a sheep in any form is a token of respect and friendship. w.carter-Talk 23:13, 27 September 2014 (UTC)