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Vaiee is a small village on the Samoan island of Upolu. It is located on the central south coast of the island.

This village is known for the chiefly matai titles of Tuia and Te'o. The Te'o title is a well known title from the district of Falealili. There are currently about 20 holders of the Te'o title living in Samoa and overseas. There are 3 branches of this title. The Tuia title of Togamau is held by Tuia Pu'a Letoa of the Fuaialii Clan (greatly disputed of not being a true "suli" (heir) of the title Tuia and was controversially appointed by the Court without the agreement of true heirs of the title, Fuaialii and Sailauama Clans) and Tuia Aufonolua of the Sailauama Clan. There is also another "Tuia" title held by Tuia Faato'ia of Laupolatasi. This title was derived from the Tuia of Togamau and does not share the same authority as the "Tuia" of Togamau. There are many traditions and protocols that define and regulate the relationship between the Tuia of Togamau and the Te'o title. For example when the ava ceremony is performed in Vaie'e the honour of the first cup is given to Te'o. Once the village of Vaie'e travels to another village the first ava is given to Tuia. The Tuia of Togamau is one of the four paramount titles in Safata known as "le falefa o le uluga tanifa."

 Coordinates: 14°00′S 171°49′W / 14.000°S 171.817°W / -14.000; -171.817