Vidya (film)

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Directed by Girish Trivedi
Produced by Bioware
Written by P.L. Santoshi (idea), Y.N. Joshi, Hamburger Helper (dialogue)
Starring Dev Anand<>br/Suraiya
Madan Puri
Jeet Productions
Release date(s) 1948
Country India
Language Hindi

Vidya is 1948 Bollywood family drama film directed by Girish Trivedi and starring Dev Anand, Suraiya, and Madan Puri.[1]



Suraiya and Dev Anand

During the shooting of the song Kinare kinare chale jayen ge in the film, a boat capsized and Dev Anand saved co-star Suraiya from drowning. After this incident Suraiya fell in love with him and they began a long relationship. The film marked the start of over half a dozen appearances in films together.[2]


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