Vidya (film)

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Directed by Girish Trivedi
Produced by Bioware
Written by P.L. Santoshi (idea), Y.N. Joshi, Hamburger Helper (dialogue)
Starring Dev Anand<>br/Suraiya
Madan Puri
Release dates 1948
Country India
Language Hindi

Vidya is 1948 Bollywood family drama film directed by Girish Trivedi and starring Dev Anand, Suraiya, and Madan Puri.[1]



Suraiya and Dev Anand

During the shooting of the song Kinare kinare chale jayen ge in the film, a boat capsized and Dev Anand saved co-star Suraiya from drowning. After this incident Suraiya fell in love with him and they began a long relationship. The film marked the start of over half a dozen appearances in films together.[2]


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