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Coat of arms of Vimeiro

Vimeiro (Portuguese pronunciation: [viˈmɐjɾu]) is a freguesia (civil parish) in the municipality of Lourinhã in west-central Portugal. It is in the District of Lisboa. It has an area of approximately 7 km2 and a population of 1,443 as of 2001.

Vimeiro was the site of the 1808 Battle of Vimeiro, where British forces under the Duke of Wellington defeated the French, ending the first French invasion of Portugal. A monument was dedicated in Vimeiro on August 21, 1908, the 100th anniversary of the battle, by Manuel II of Portugal.

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Coordinates: 39°10′41″N 9°19′05″W / 39.178°N 9.318°W / 39.178; -9.318