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Vose Seminary, formerly the Baptist Theological College of Western Australia, is a Christian educational institution located in Perth, Western Australia.


In 1957, the Baptist Churches in Western Australia, under the leadership of Noel Vose, prepared plans for the establishment of the seminary.[1] Opening in March 1963, with Vose as founding Principal, the seminary began classes as the Baptist Theological College of Western Australia in temporary accommodation in Nedlands.[2] In November 1967 a permanent, purpose built facility was opened on land purchased in the Collier Pine Plantation opposite what is now Curtin University in the suburb of Bentley.[3]


Vose was the only faculty member until the arrival of John Olley (an Old Testament specialist), in 1978, and Richard Moore (New Testament), in 1979.[4] Upon Vose's retirement in January 1991, John Olley was appointed as the second Principal of the Seminary.[5] In 2004, Brian Harris was appointed Principal.[citation needed]

Academic affiliation[edit]

The seminary associated with Murdoch University in 1985, which allowed the seminary to offer higher degrees up to PhD.[6] In 2003, the seminary transitioned from its affiliation with Murdoch University to being accredited through the Australian College of Theology.[citation needed]

Name change[edit]

In 2008, the seminary became known as Vose Seminary, after its founding Principal.[citation needed]


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