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For the low-power FM radio station in Clanton, Alabama, see WSMX-LP.
City of license Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Broadcast area Metro Winston-Salem
Branding "1500 The Mix"
Slogan "The Mix of Music that You Grew Up with."
Frequency 1500 AM kHz
Format Oldies
Rhythm and Blues
Classic Top 40
Carolina Beach
Power 140 Watts daytime only
Class D
Facility ID 24682
Transmitter coordinates 36°4′26.0″N 80°15′19.0″W / 36.073889°N 80.255278°W / 36.073889; -80.255278
Owner Nancy A. Epperson/Stuart W. Epperson, Jr.
(Truth Broadcasting Corporation)
Webcast WSMX Webstream

WSMX is a Oldies, Rhythm and Blues, Classic Top 40 and Carolina Beach formatted broadcast radio station licensed to and serving Winston-Salem, North Carolina.[1] WSMX is owned by Truth Broadcasting,[2] and operated under a lease agreement by Jerry Holt.


At one time this was a Country-Western station with the letters WKBX and a 10,000-watt directional signal. Stuart Epperson sold the station early in 1976 to Randolph Properties Inc. of Dallas, Texas, though general manager Curly Howard said no changes were planned.[3] In the late 1970s it was WURL ("World"), the first all-news radio station in the area. On November 3, 1976, Crash Williams said the news format would remain even after the demise of the NBC news service in mid-1977.[4] Later the station began airing Christian programming, primarily for an African-American audience. The first general manager of the station when the format became African American, with a Contemporary Gospel music and talk format, was Jay Francis Springs, in 1982, when the station was sold to Gospel Media. Other staff members were Leonard "Tippy" Calloway, Al Martin, Nancy Caree, Paul Johnson, Henry "Leon" Harper and Bea Swisher.[citation needed]

Early in 2014, WSMX had a Spanish language format as "Radio La Movidita".[5]

Local businessman Jerry Holt was leasing WTOB in 2014 but lost the station and took over WSMX, which he had planned to switch to sports talk. In June 2014, both stations made changes. The oldies and beach music on WTOB was moved to WSMX along with some DJs from WTOB. Holt said WSMX would play rock, country, R&B and other music from 1956 to 1978, describing at as "the music you grew up with", though younger people enjoyed the music too. Among those too young to remember the music when it was new was Aaron Gabriel, a DJ who moved to WSMX after a month on WTOB and hosted "Midday Mojo" with soul, funk, blues and Motown. Dickie Dean's "Afternoon Delight" would follow Gabriel's. WSMX would also air On the Beach with Charlie Brown.[6]


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