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Waga is an isolated small town in Colombo District, Sri Lanka. Administrated by Seethawaka Pradeshiya Sabha (Divisional Council), it is part of the Padukka Divisional Secretary's Division. The town can be reached on road from Colombo via A4 (Colombo - Rathnapura) road, turning off at either Meepe near Padukka or at Kaluaggala near Hanwella. The Waga station of the Kelani Valley Railway Line is also situated in Kahahena junction of the town. The Labugama and Kalatuwawa reservoirs, which supply water to the Colombo city and the forest reserves of Labugama and Udagama are also situated nearby.

Coordinates: 6°53′23″N 80°07′40″E / 6.88972°N 80.12778°E / 6.88972; 80.12778