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Wark, a Scots noun for a building, from the noun wark [wark, wA:rk] (work). The verb form is wirk [wIrk, wVrk]. The past tense is wrocht [wroxt].

Wark may refer to:




  • Blair Wark, Major Blair Anderson Wark, Australian Army officer, recipient of the Victoria Cross in World War One
  • John Wark, Scottish footballer
  • Kirsty Wark, Scottish journalist and BBC television presenter
  • McKenzie Wark, Australian-born writer and scholar
  • Tom Wark, California wine professional and blogger
  • Master of Wark: Master of Work to the Crown of Scotland
  • David Wark, Professor of Particle Physics at Imperial College, London, and the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
  • Matthew Wark, Professional surfer out of San Diego. Also a world renowned poker player and sports enthusiast more commonly known as Swoll Patrol.
  • Jon Wark, Professional Lifeguard Instructor at YMCA of Middle Tennessee, United States, and greatest man alive
  • Peter Alexander Blanch Wark, Conjoint Professor University of Newcastle Australia. Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Physician.


  • WARK (AM), talk radio station in Hagerstown, Maryland