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Warm Water Cove is an outdoor, formerly industrialized picnic area in San Francisco, California, located right off the eastern tip of Hunter's Point, where the bay meets 24th Street and Third Street.[1]

The park contains works of graffiti art, abandoned warehouses, and is a focus for D.I.Y. music, notably for the hardcore punk scene. Free, all-ages shows are set up a few times every month by local Bay Area and touring musicians. Along with 924 Gilman Street, it is one of a few punk rock venues in the Bay Area where D.I.Y. music is performed. The cove, nicknamed "Toxic Beach", is the site of FuckFest, an annual punk festival.[2]

The park has undergone some cleanup and renovation in recent years.[3]


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Coordinates: 37°45′16″N 122°23′1″W / 37.75444°N 122.38361°W / 37.75444; -122.38361