Washington gubernatorial election, 1972

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Washington gubernatorial election, 1972
Washington (state)
1968 ←
November 7, 1972 → 1976

  DanielJEvans.jpg Albert D. Rosellini.jpg
Nominee Daniel J. Evans Albert D. Rosellini
Party Republican Democratic
Popular vote 747,825 630,613
Percentage 50.78% 42.82%

Governor before election

Daniel J. Evans

Elected Governor

Daniel J. Evans

The Washington gubernatorial election of 1972 was held on November 7, 1972, concurrent with the United States presidential election. Incumbent Governor of Washington Daniel J. Evans, who was first elected eight years earlier, and then re-elected in 1968, was eligible for re-election, as Washington does not have gubernatorial term limits. During that time, the state used a blanket primary system – which is when all candidates appear on the same ballot and the two candidates receiving the most votes advance to the general election, regardless of political party.

A total of nine candidates filed for the primary on September 19. In the general election, incumbent Republican Governor Evans was challenged by former Governor Albert Rosellini, who ran as a Democrat. Evans and Rosellini received 24.66% and 30.27% of the votes in the primary, respectively. Future serial killer Ted Bundy served as a staff member of Evans' re-election campaign. On election day, Evans defeated Rosellini by a comfortable margin of 50.78%-42.82%.




Governor of Washington primary election, 1972


Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Albert Rosellini 276,121 30.27%
Republican Daniel J. Evans 224,953 24.66%
Democratic Martin Durkan Sr. 195,931 21.48%
Republican Perry Woodall 100,372 11.01%
Democratic Jim McDermott 99,155 10.87%
Democratic Earl Monaghan 5,201 0.57%
Democratic Rudolfo Valdez 4,440 0.49%
Republican John Patric 3,343 0.37%
Republican L. R. Kemoe 2,567 0.28%

General election results[edit]

Governor of Washington election, 1972[2]
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Daniel J. Evans 747,825 50.78%
Democratic Albert Rosellini 630,613 42.82%

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