We Have A Dream: A Global Summit Against Discrimination and Persecution

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We Have A Dream: Global Summit Against Discrimination and Persecution was attended by an international collection of non-governmental organizations to discuss issues of discrimination and persecution, particularly those of racism, sexism, homophobia, and discrimination against minorities.[1] It occurred over two days, September 21 and 22 of 2011, across the street from a United Nations conference referred to as Durban III.[2][3]

Led by the UN Watch, the summit was created as a response to the United Nations' inclusion of countries that commit particularly atrocious human rights abuses, such as China, Syria, Sudan, Zimbabwe, North Korea and Iran.[4][5] This claim has been supported by the Human Rights Foundation, a partner of the summit, whose President, Thor Halvorssen, refers to Durban III as the last act in a tragicomedy” that underscores the UN’s complacency with “despotic regimes which speak pretty words about human rights while they kill, torture, or jail their opponents.”[6]



  • Thaung Htun: Activist



  • Geng He: Dissident
  • Jianli Yang: Dissident



  • Adeeb Yousif: Activist

Democratic Republic of the Congo[edit]

  • Judith Registre: Women for Women International


  • Anna-Isabelle Tollet: Journalist and author
  • Phillipe Robinet: Publisher, co-founder of Oh! Editions


North Korea[edit]

  • Young Ae Ma: Defector


  • Bertha Kayitesi: Genocide survivor

South Sudan[edit]

  • Luka Biong Deng: Director of KUSH, former minister
  • John Dau: Genocide survivor, human rights activist


  • Nasser Weddady: Civil Rights Outreach Director, AIC
  • Rami Nakleh: Dissident


  • Ngawang Sandral: Activist


United States[edit]



  • Thuy Tran: Activist and writer


  • Grace Kwinje: Dissident and journalist


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