West Branch Brandywine Creek

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West Branch Brandywine Creek
Origin 40°6′51″N 75°55′35″W / 40.11417°N 75.92639°W / 40.11417; -75.92639[1]
Chester County, Pennsylvania
Mouth 39°55′21″N 075°38′58″W / 39.92250°N 75.64944°W / 39.92250; -75.64944Coordinates: 39°55′21″N 075°38′58″W / 39.92250°N 75.64944°W / 39.92250; -75.64944[1]
Brandywine Creek,
Chester County, Pennsylvania
Basin countries United States of America
Source elevation 850 ft (260 m)[2]
Mouth elevation 174 ft (53 m)[1]

The West Branch Brandywine Creek is a 33.1-mile-long (53.3 km)[3] tributary of Brandywine Creek in Chester County, Pennsylvania in the United States.[4]

The West Branch Brandywine Creek is born near the community of Honey Brook. It later joins with the East Branch Brandywine Creek in the community of Lenape to form Brandywine Creek.[4]

The Embreeville Historic District straddles the West Branch Brandywine Creek in Newlin Township.[5]

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