Who Stole the Kishka?

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"Who Stole the Kishka?"
Music by Walter Dana
Lyrics by Walt Solek
Language English
Form polka
Recorded by

Walt Solek, Frankie Yankovic, Matys Brothers, Brave Combo

Music sample
A 16 second clip from Frankie Yankovic's "Who Stole the Keeshka?"

Who Stole the Kishka?, originally spelled "Who Stole the Keeshka?" is a traditional polka tune, written by Walter Dana (music),[1] and by Walter Solek (lyrics), and recorded and performed by various bands. One popular version was familiar to American radio audiences from a 1963 recording by Grammy award-winning polka artist Frankie Yankovic.

According to an obituary for Walt Solek who wrote and recorded the song, "Keeshka always gets the crowd going at a Polkaholics show as it has since it was recorded in the 1950s with English lyrics!"[2]

The song ends with the pleading refrain "but please bring back my kishka".


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