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  • Portal page - The entryway to the game
  • Interstellar Trekker's lounge - The social meeting space for the game (the Portal Talk page most likely)
  • Trekker (traveler's) logbook - A place to leave a note about your journey
  • Progress mission map - A constellation of the game's levels
  • TWA background for user talk page and WP space pages which are in-game
  • Skill meters (editing, social, policy)
  • Mission start and end pages
  • Message templates (background/icon) for simulated talk page interaction
  • Avatar - Graphics for the interstellar guide
  • Badges - Microawards from within the game
    • Account creator, editor, formatter, messenger, neutrality, advisor, verifiability, sourcer, citer, civility, wikilinker, image guru
    • Badges will be hard-coded onto WP:TWA pages right after the skill/tool is learned, then presented at the mission end of each mission in a trophy case/badge-o-meter that fills up over the game. At each mission end, we might leave a real message on user talk pages with the skills earned and a link back to the game. At the game's end (after mission 7), we'll present the code for editors to add the full trophy case to their actual userpage as a way to show off their skills.
  • Badge-o-meter - Trophy case for badges
  • Barnstar - Game culuminating mega award
  • Banner invite - Central notice banner
  • Template invite - Talk page invite (like TH invite)
  • Navbar
    • Mission 1 - Account Creation and Userpage Bio
    • Mission 2 - Message Replies and Invitation to Earth
    • Mission 3 - Typofixing
    • Mission 4 - Neutrality and NPOV
    • Mission 5 - Teahouse Help, Verifiability, and Sources
    • Mission 6 - Citations and Civility
    • Mission 7 - Crowdsourcing and Images
    • Interstellar Lounge
    • User talk page
    • User talk/TWA subpage
See also
  • The game glossary spreadsheet: [1]