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Wingnut may refer to:

  • Wingnut (hardware), a nut with a pair of wings to enable it to be turned without tools, used where frequent adjustments are needed or part removal can be made quickly at some later stage
  • Pterocarya, a genus of trees bearing winged nuts
  • Wingnut (politics), an American slang term for a person who holds extreme political (especially right-wing) views; compare with "moonbat"

Entertainment, media, and sports[edit]

Slang terms[edit]

  • Wingnut, a term to describe a fan of the NBC television drama series The West Wing
  • Wingnut, a person with a hobby-level of interest in the White House and its architecture, and/or the Presidency of the United States
  • Wingnut, a person who is crazy about all things that fly
  • Wingnut, a name for an eccentric person
  • Wingnut (squat), a series of squatted warehouses, apartment buildings, and houses in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Wingnut, a term to describe a fan of the Detroit Red Wings
  • Wingnut, a term to describe a fan of the video game series Wing Commander
  • Wingnut ear, a derogatory term for, or a person with, ears that stick out
  • Wingnut (haircut), New Zealand slang for someone who had the "short-back and sides" haircut style of the 1940s and 50s
  • Wingnut, military slang for members of the United States Air Force