Woodsmen of the West

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Woodsmen of the West
Author Martin Allerdale Grainger
Country Canada
Language English
Genre Novel
Publisher Edward Arnold
Publication date
Media type Print (hardcover)
Pages 224 (New Canadian Library edition)

Woodsmen of the West is a novel by Martin Allerdale Grainger, first published in 1908 by Edward Arnold. In writing the novel, Grainger drew on his experiences as a logger working in the coastal forests of British Columbia, Canada.

Woodsmen of the West is one of the first examples of realism in western Canadian literature. Grainger based his novel on his unsentimental account of life in the logging camps. This way of writing gave the story a rough edge that was unusual fare for Canadian readers. It is a "dramatic and loosely structured tale... at heart a love story." It also paints the picture of a logging operator both obsessed with the lumber trade and with his own power. The accuracy of detail in Grainger's work has led it to be called "one of the finest examples of local realism in Canadian writing."[1]