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A workshop is a room or building used for manufacture or repair of goods.

Workshop may also refer to:

  • In economics a workshop may refer to small scale craft operations, such as blacksmiths and wagon makers, or to the workshop system (domestic or putting-out system), a means of subcontracting piecework.
  • In mechanical engineering, workshop is a room or building which provides both the area and tools required for the manufacture or repair of manufactured goods
  • In "office environments" a workshop describes a conference room meeting intended to create or generate plans, analysis, or design that supports organizational efforts.
  • In education, a workshop is a brief intensive course, a seminar or a series of meetings emphasizing interaction and exchange of information among a (usually small) number of participants. Examples include:
  • In art, a workshop can be another name for a large studio that involves assistants or can be the name given to lessons taught by an artist where skills are shared with students. It may include theoretical as well as practical tips and exercises for learning the art.
  • In transport industries, workshops can be distinguished from Automobile repair shops, which are primarily used for storage, servicing and minor repairs.
  • In the development of organizations, concepts, products or services workshops are meetings in which groups apply methodologies for problem analysis, creative problem solving or decision making in order to cooperatively achieve a result.