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The Yamacraw were a Native American tribe which settled parts of Georgia, specifically around the future site of the city of Savannah.


The Yamacraw tribe was formed in the late 1720s under the leadership of Tomochichi from some bands of Yamasee and Lower Creek people who had disagreed with the severing of friendship with the British during the Yamasee War of 1715. By 1728 the Yamacraw had settled at the site of the present day city of Savannah. In 1733 James Oglethorpe, interested in settling a colony at the site, negotiated with Tomochichi and the Yamacraw agreed to move their village upriver.[1] The Creeks cannot account for anyone by the name of Yamacraw, and the R, which appears in the name, is not recognized in either the Maskoki or Yuchi dialects.[2]


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