Resistance (YBNP)

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YBNP Shield.jpg
Shield Logo of the YBNP
Predecessor Young British National Party
Purpose Youth wing
Resistance leader Kieren Trent
Parent organization British National Party

Resistance (formerly Young BNP, Youth BNP, YBNP) is the youth section of the far-right British National Party (BNP). In 2010 it was named BNP Crusaders but in 2011 it changed its name to "Resistance". The group falls under the arm of the British Nationalist Youth Movement with other groups such as BNP Students. The YBNP claimed to be a civil rights movement and student pressure group for indigenous British students from 6th form onwards.[1]

Since December 2010 the leader of Resistance has been Kieren Trent.[2][3]

Student BNP[edit]

Student BNP was part of the British Nationalist Youth Movement along with YBNP. In 2010, Student BNP closed down and BNP Crusaders was formed in replacement.[4]



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