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The Young European of the Year title is, under the auspices of the European Parliament, awarded to those people between the ages of 18 and 28 who have worked in an honorary capacity towards the understanding between peoples or European integration and in the process have achieved exemplary success. These young people have acted with initiative, personal commitment and a sense of responsibility, thus showing they are prepared to grasp the opportunities of our time in forging peaceful coexistence in a Europe of diversity.

Each year with this prize the Heinz-Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe wishes to reward a young European for his/her outstanding of and commitment to fostering international understanding and the union of Europe. At the same time they want to encourage and motivate these young people to continue to champion these ideals.


Year Winner
1997 David Stulik (Czech Republic)
1998 Michael Schmitt (Germany)
1999 Lola Stoppleman de Almudévar (UK)
2000 Tobias Bütow (Germany)
2001 Daciana Oana Mailatescu (Romania)
2002 Mjellma Mehmeti (Macedonia)
2003 Adrian Langan (Ireland)
2004 Anar Jahangirli (Azerbaijan)
2005 Tamás Boros (Hungary)
2006 Burcu Becermen (Turkey)
2007 Paul de Kuijer (The Netherlands)
2008 Tamuna Kekenadze (Georgia)
2009 Sandra Orlovic (Serbia)
2010 Maria Tandeck (Poland)
2011 Stefan Ivanovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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