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For other uses, see ZYX (disambiguation).
ZYX, 2003 promotional photo.jpg
ZYX, 2003.
Back row (L to R): Erika Umeda, Mari Yaguchi, Maimi Yajima
Front row (L to R): Saki Shimizu, Megumi Murakami, Momoko Tsugunaga.
Background information
Also known as Zicks
Origin Japan
Genres Pop
Years active 2003–2009
2009–2011; 2013 (as ZYX-a)
Labels Piccolo Town
Associated acts Morning Musume
Hello! Project Kids
Berryz Koubou
Hello! Pro Egg
Website Hello! Project.com
Members Momoko Tsugunaga
Chinami Tokunaga
Maasa Sudou
Ayaka Wada
Past members Mari Yaguchi
Saki Shimizu
Maimi Yajima
Megumi Murakami
Erika Umeda
Koharu Kusumi
Saki Ogawa
Risa Niigaki

ZYX (ジックス Jikkusu?, pronounced zicks) was a short-lived Japanese pop group made up of five Hello! Project Kids members led by Mari Yaguchi of Morning Musume. Yaguchi acted as a mentor and the group released two singles. ZYX is important in that it is the first unit that Hello! Project Kids officially joined with the second being Aa! formed in 2003, the third being Berryz Kobo in 2004, and the fourth being Cute in 2005. As Saki Shimizu and Momoko Tsugunaga were selected to become members of Berryz Kobo in 2004, the activity of ZYX virtually ended.

The name ZYX is a kind of acronym using a somewhat intricate play in notation. "Z" and "Y" are taken from the phrase Zettai Yume o Bai ni (絶対、夢を倍に?, Definitely double your dreams) "Bai ni", meaning "double in size", is represented not as "B" but as a multiplication sign "×" which was then represented by the letter "X". Also, the letters ZYX are the last letters of the English alphabet in reverse order. In Hello! Project, this inverted order naming is followed by the groups "W" created in 2004, "v-u-den" in 2005, "The Possible" in 2006, and SI☆NA in 2008. This line-up of groups continues the reverse alphabetical naming (ZYX-W-VU-T-S).

In 2009, the unit was revived as ZYX-α (ZYX Alpha). Of all the original members, only Momoko Tsugunaga remains (Mari Yaguchi, Megumi Murakami and Erika Umeda are no longer a part of Hello! Project and Saki Shimizu and Maimi Yajima are a part of High-King).

As of 2013, ZYX-a has since become a four member unit following the departure of Saki Ogawa in 2011 and Risa Niigaki in 2012. In 2013, ZYX-a reformed with Momoko, Chinami, Maasa and Ayaka with Risa to perform "Shiroi TOKYO" live as Risa Niigaki with ZYX-a. It is currently unknown if ZYX-a will have further activity.






Title Release date Coupling
Iku ZYX! Fly High (行くZYX! Fly High?, "Go ZYX! Fly High") 2003-08-06 Gatamekira ZYX ver. (ガタメキラ?, "Gotta Make it Love")
Shiroi Tokyo (白いTOKYO?, "White Tokyo") 2003-12-10 Tokonatsu-Musume ZYX ver. (常夏娘?, "Endless Summer Girls")


Title Release date
Single V: Iku ZYX! Fly High (シングルV・行くZYX! Fly High?) 2003-09-10
Single V: Shiroi Tokyo (シングルV・白いTOKYO?) 2003-12-26

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