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Zach Hughes is a pseudonym for American writer Hugh Zachary,[1] who has written numerous science fiction novels. These novels appear to be set in a shared universe, one where Earth experiences a nuclear apocalypse shortly after launching a colonization fleet to settle new worlds among the stars.

Select Works[edit]

1972. The Book of Rack the Healer, New York: Award Books.
1974. The Legend of Miaree, New York: Ballantine Books. ISBN 345238885125
1974. Seed of the Gods, New York: Berkley. ISBN 0-425-02642-6
1975. Tide, New York: Berkely. ISBN 42502813095
1975. The Stork Factor, New York: Berkley. ISBN 0-425-02781-3
1975. Pressure Man, New York: Signet. ASIN B000LTMK9E
1976. For Texas and Zed, New York: Popular Library. ISBN 0-445-00370-7
1976. The St. Francis Effect, New York: Berkley.
1976. Tiger in the Stars, New York: Laser Books. ISBN 0-373-72049-1
1980. Killbird, New York: ROC. ISBN 0-373-72049-1
1982. Thunderworld, New York: Signet. ISBN 0-451-11290-3
1983. Gold Star, New York: Signet. ISBN 0-451-12625-4
1986. Closed System, New York: ROC. ISBN 0-451-14170-9
1987. The Dark Side, New York: ROC. ISBN 0-451-15111-9
1987. Sundrinker, New York: DAW Books. ISBN 0-88677-213-3
1988. Life Force, New York: DAW Books. ISBN 0-88677-297-4
1991. Mother Lode, New York: DAW Books. ISBN 0-88677-497-7
1992. Deep Freeze, New York: DAW Books. ISBN 0-88677-539-6
1994. The Omnificence Factor, New York: DAW Books. ISBN 0-88677-588-4


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