Zachariae Isstrom

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Zachariae Isstrom or Zachariæ Isstrøm (78°00′N 30°00′W / 78.000°N 30.000°W / 78.000; -30.000), is a large glacier located in northeast Greenland. It drains an area of 91,780 km2 (35,440 sq mi) of the Greenland Ice Sheet with a flux (quantity of ice moved from the land to the sea) of 11.7 km3 (2.8 cu mi) per year, as measured for 1996.[1] Isstrøm is the Danish word for ice stream.

Zachariæ Isstrøm terminates into an embayment packed with multi-year calf ice.[2]

If the Zachariae Isstrom retreat continues, the largest ice sheet ice stream that empties into Zachariae Isstrom might accelerate, the ice stream front freed of damming back stress, increasing the ice sheet mass budget deficit substantially.[3]


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