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Zebbler (Peter Berdovsky) is a visual artist and video jockey for Shpongle, EOTO, and Zebbler Encanti Experience. Originally from Belarus, Berdovsky graduated from Arlington High School in Arlington, Massachusetts in 1999 before completing a degree at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2006.[1] Zebbler first gained worldwide fame for the 2007 Boston bomb scare and subsequent news conference.[2] Starting with the "Shpongletron," Zebbler has been recognized as one of the first VJs to incorporate 3-D video mapping into his set designs.[3]

Boston bomb scare[edit]

The Boston bomb scare, AKA "The Moonite Incident" occurred on January 31, 2007. During this incident, also dubbed "Boston Mission 1" and "Boston Mission 2," Zebbler and Sean Stevens put up close to 40 battery powered LED Ignignokt shaped signs around the city of Boston as "subvertising" for the upcoming Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters. However, Boston police found the signs to have similar characteristics to improvised explosive devices. These characteristics included a circuit board, power source, exposed wiring, and electrical tape. The police responded by sending in a large amount of emergency vehicles, including the Boston Police Department bomb squad. The event cost the parent company, Turner Broadcasting System, along with Interference Inc., $2 million. One million went to the Boston police department, while the other million went to Department of Homeland Security. As a result, the head of Cartoon Network resigned.[4]


The Shpongletron was designed by Zebbler for Shpongle's 2011 US Tour. It consists of a DJ booth for Shpongle, surrounded by custom screens and surfaces that have video mapped images projected onto them. The unit debuted at Shpongle's 2 NYE shows.[5] On the bottom of the audiovisual installation, also dubbed "The Shpongletron Experience," are three white painted scaffolding cubes that are covered by translucent screen. The six foot Shpongle Mask is also a 3-D projection surface, along with wings and an eye that are both covered in projection material. The custom welded eye also has an embedded laser.[6]


Zebbler began touring with EOTO in the spring of 2011. During this tour, he used custom Fourier analysis of EOTO's live sounds to trigger pre-made visual events. Closed circuit cameras, along with user submitted visuals, were also used.[7] The same custom-made software (Zebblertron) was used during this tour as was used with the Shongletron Experience.[8] During the Spring of 2012, EOTO will again be accompanied by Zebbler for the Base Invaders Tour.[9] Debuted will be a 3-D video mapped lotus flower surrounding the stage.[10]

Zebbler Encanti Experience[edit]

Z.E.E. is a collaboration between Zebbler and electronic music producer Encanti.[11][12] The duo provide a multi-media experience, with Zebbler performing live visuals to Encanti's glitchy, bass heavy beats and interspersed vocals.[9] Using the custom software "Zebblertron," the duo is able to create an onstage dynamic relationship of light and sound through triggered events and improvisation. Z.E.E. will also accompany EOTO on the 2012 Time Illusion Tour.[13]

Notable performances[edit]

Zebbler has displayed his custom mapped video installations and live image "mashups" at multiple art museums/spaces, festivals, and conventions:[14]

  • 10.26.2007 ReMixer Zebbler Performance, Berkeley Museum of Art, Berkeley, CA (custom HD Video-surround sound performance)
  • 2007-2008 Official VJ for RedBull North America
  • 05.09.2008 Global Groove, Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley, CA (custom 3 screen a/v performance)
  • 12.31.2009 COSM New Year's Eve celebration (Alex Grey's Art Sanctuary), NY - custom HD VJ installation, a/v performance with Z.E.E.
  • 03.27-28.2009 ULTRA music festival, Miami, FL (Featured VJ performer)
  • 05.23.2009 Anime Convention 2009, Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA (ZEE a/v performance)
  • 02.13.2010 Hansel and Gretel RE:Imagined (official VJ showcase of the Together festival), Pozen Center, Boston, MA - event curator/promoter, custom HD video installation and a/v performance with Z.E.E. and Clever Girl [15]
  • August 2011 DEFCON, Las Vegas, NV (custom video mapped dragon installation, deco work)

Awards and distinctions[edit]


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