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ZeroTurnaround OÜ
Type Private
Industry Software development tools
Founded 2008
  • Tartu, Estonia
  • Boston, Massachusetts
Key people
  • Jevgeni Kabanov, Founder, CEO
  • Toomas Römer, Founder, Director of Engineering
  • JRebel
  • LiveRebel
  • XRebel
  • $2.5M (2011)
  • $6.5M (2012)
Employees 90+[2]

ZeroTurnaround is a software company founded by Jevgeni Kabanov and Toomas Römer in 2008.[3][4]


Founders Jevgeni Kabanov and Toomas Römer meet at IT services provider Webmedia (now known as Nortal) in Tartu, Estonia and began to work together on the project in 2006/7. It was spun out as ZeroTurnaround and funded by Webmedia in 2008/9. The project yielded not only this commercial enterprise, but was also the center of Kabanov's Ph.D. thesis under his advisor Jaak Vilo, Head of the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Tartu. His thesis title was Towards a more productive Java EE ecosystem. As of 2014, and according to Kabanov, the product is in use at 3,500 organizations in 80 countries.[4][5][6]


ZeroTurnaround develops and sells JRebel, a Java integrated development environment plugin that eliminates the build and redeploy phases of the Java EE development cycle. The company refers to this technology as "hotpatching" or sometimes "dynamic app reloading." It also develops and sells LiveRebel, a rollout/rollback tool for live applications.[3][7] The technology is based on a proprietary code versioning facility.[8]


The company received seed funding of $0.38M in 2008/9 from Webmedia,[4][9] and a Series A round in 2011 followed by further investment of $2.7M in January 2014, both lead by Bain Capital Ventures.[10][11][12][13] It borrowed a further $3M in March 2014 from Western Technology Investment.[14][15]


On March 19, 2013 ZeroTurnaround announced they acquired Javeleon, a software company spun out of the Maersk McKinney Moeller Institute at the University of Southern Denmark. Javeleon makes productivity tools for Java developers.[16][17][18]


The company hosts RebelLabs, an area of their website with white papers and other resources for the developer community[19] and virtual Java Users Group (vJUG).[20]


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