Last Will and Embezzlement

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Last Will and Embezzlement is a 2012 documentary film about the financial exploitation of the elderly. It stars veteran actor Mickey Rooney and is narrated by Artie Pasquale. One year earlier, Rooney testified before the United States Senate Special Committee on Aging about the years of financial abuse he said he suffered at the hands of his step-son, against whom a restraining order was subsequently issued.


The New York Times called the film, "Eye-opening" and "Moving", and described the film style as "seesawing between concerned experts and moving case histories" and said "the film has a bare-bones look that only intensifies its nearly painful sincerity." The Huffington Post called it "a chilling account of how the senior population in this country is being vampirized", and claimed that "it should be required viewing".[1]

Slant Magazine was harshly critical of the film, calling it "inept, unwatchable, and sometimes tastelessly exploitive", and concluding that it is "obnoxiously simplistic." The Village Voice was also negative in its coverage, commenting that the clips from the interview with Rooney "merely exacerbate the earnest but graceless documentary's editorial clumsiness, aesthetic flatness, and endless repetition."


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