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William Smith
William Smith

At least 31 people have been the president of Washington College since 1782, four of whom have been interim presidents. Washington College is a private liberal arts college in Chestertown, Maryland, which is on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The college was founded in 1782 by William Smith (pictured), but is the successor institution to the earlier Kent County Free School, which was founded in 1732. From the college's founding until 1922, the executive officer of the college was known as the principal, and subsequently as the president. The president of Washington College is appointed by the Board of Visitors and Governors, and serves at the pleasure of the board. Of the 31 presidents, only one, Joseph McLain, was an alumnus of the college, and only one, Sheila Bair, was a woman. The presidents of the college have been drawn from a variety of areas, including religion, military service, governmental service, and academia. (Full list...)

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Peasant Woman Binding Sheaves (after Millet)

Peasant Woman Binding Sheaves (after Millet) is an 1889 oil-on-canvas painting by Dutch Post-Impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh showing a woman at work in a wheat field during the harvest. As a young man, Van Gogh pursued what he saw as a religious calling, wanting to minister to working people. Failing to find a vocation in ministry, he turned to art as a means of expressing and communicating his deep sense of the meaning of life. In his series of paintings of wheat fields, Van Gogh expressed through symbolism and use of colour his deeply felt spiritual beliefs, appreciation of manual labourers, and connection to nature.

This work is based on an 1852 drawing of a woman gathering wheat by Jean-François Millet. It is one of several paintings by Van Gogh based on the ten Travaux des champs engravings made for the journal L'Illustration from Millet's drawings of peasant life. Van Gogh's painting is in the collection of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Painting credit: Vincent van Gogh, after Jean-François Millet

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