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Insignia of the 2nd Infantry Division (1940–2012)

The 2nd Infantry Division was an infantry division of the British Army, first formed in 1809 for service in the Peninsular War. The second formation fought at the Battle of Waterloo and played an important role in defeating the final French attack. It was disbanded in December 1818. During the mid to late 19th century, several formations bearing the name 2nd Division were formed, including in 1854 to take part in the Crimean War and in 1899 for the Second Boer War. From 1902 the division was based at Aldershot, in southern England. When World War I broke out in 1914, it was deployed to France as part of the British Expeditionary Force. It served on the Western Front and suffered heavy casualties. The division returned to Aldershot for the interwar period. During World War II, the formation was deployed to France again, evacuated from Dunkirk, and served in Burma. In the post-war years it formed part of the British Army of the Rhine in Germany. The division was most recently disbanded in 2012. (Full article...)

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Exchange Hotel, Montgomery
Exchange Hotel, Montgomery

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Anwar Ibrahim in 2019
Anwar Ibrahim

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November 26: Feast day of Saint Sylvester Gozzolini (Catholicism); Constitution Day in India (1949)

Main Building of the University of Notre Dame
Main Building of the University of Notre Dame
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Trần Nhân Tông

Trần Nhân Tông (1258–1308) was the third monarch of the Trần dynasty, reigning over Đại Việt from 1278. During the second and third Mongol invasions of Đại Việt between 1284 and 1288, Nhân Tông and his father the retired emperor Trần Thánh Tông achieved a decisive victory against the Yuan dynasty. Nhân Tông ruled until his abdication in 1293, when he passed the throne on to his son Trần Anh Tông. This is a handscroll depicting Nhân Tông, which is now in the collection of the Liaoning Provincial Museum in Shenyang, China.

Painting credit: unknown; photographed by Chloë Trần Phương Anh

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