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"The Post-Modern Prometheus" is the fifth episode of the fifth season of the American science fiction television series The X-Files, originally airing on the Fox network on November 30, 1997. It was written and directed by series creator Chris Carter. The story follows FBI agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) as they investigate a creature called "The Great Mutato" that has impregnated a middle-aged woman; it turns out to be the genetic creation of a Frankenstein-like doctor. The creature is first ostracized and then accepted by his community. Carter's story draws heavily on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (subtitled The Modern Prometheus) and particularly on James Whale's 1931 film version of the story. The episode was filmed in black and white, with a sky backdrop imitating the style of old Frankenstein films. Talk-show host Jerry Springer appeared as himself, and Chris Owens played The Great Mutato. Many critics praised the episode; some even called it a "classic". It was nominated for seven awards at the 1998 Emmys, winning one. (Full article...)

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Antenna in DECT basestation
Antenna in DECT basestation

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Kyle Busch, winner of the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship
Kyle Busch

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November 30: Cities for Life Day; Independence Day in Barbados (1966)

King Charles XII of Sweden
King Charles XII of Sweden

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Morgan horse
Morgan horse

Twelve U.S. states have designated a horse breed as the official state horse. The first state horse was designated in Vermont in 1961. The most recent state designations occurred in 2010, when North Carolina and South Carolina both declared state breeds. Some breeds, such as the Morgan horse (pictured) in Vermont and Massachusetts, were named as the state horse because of the close connection between the history of the breed and the state. Others, including the Tennessee Walking Horse and the Missouri Fox Trotter, include the state in the official breed name. Schoolchildren have been persuasive lobbyists for the cause of some state horses, such as the Colonial Spanish Horse being named the state horse of North Carolina due to the presence of Spanish-descended Banker horses in the Outer Banks. Others have been brought to official status through the lobbying efforts of their breed registries. In addition to being state symbols in their own right, horses have appeared in state symbols; for example, a horse's head appears on the Seal of New Jersey. (Full list...)

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SMS Gefion

A 1902 lithograph showing SMS Gefion, an unprotected cruiser of the Imperial German Navy completed in 1895. Gefion was involved in the Battle of Taku Forts (1900) before being modernized. During World War I, Gefion served as a barracks ship. In 1920 it was sold for service as a freighter, only to be scrapped three years later.

Though Gefion was intended for service in the German colonial empire and as a fleet scout, the design was unsuccessful in both roles and soon replaced by the newer Gazelle class of light cruisers.

Lithograph: Hugo Graf; restoration: Adam Cuerden

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