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Brian O'Driscoll
Brian O'Driscoll

Irish rugby-union player Brian O'Driscoll had 47 tries during his international career. He is a former captain of Ireland and also captained the British and Irish Lions. O'Driscoll, who spent the majority of his career playing at centre, made 133 appearances for Ireland, and his 46 tries set an Irish record. In addition to this, he made eight appearances for the Lions and scored one try, which occurred during the Lions' victory over Australia on the 2001 tour. O'Driscoll sits eighth on the all-time try-scorers record list, and is also top of the all-time try-scoring list for the Six Nations, with 26. He scored his first try for Ireland during his fourth match, against the United States in the 1999 Rugby World Cup at Lansdowne Road. O'Driscoll scored multiple tries in a single international on six occasions; included in these were two hat-tricks. (Full list...)

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Climate of Mars

Although Mars is smaller than the Earth and 50 percent further from the Sun, its climate has important similarities with the Earth, such as the presence of polar ice caps, seasonal changes and observable weather patterns. This image shows layered deposits in Planum Boreum, in the north polar region of Mars, which formed from a 3-kilometre-thick (2 mi) stack of dusty water-ice layers about 1,000 km (600 mi) across. The layers record information about the climate of the planet stretching back several million years. Erosion has created scarps and troughs that expose the layering. The tan-colored layers are the dusty water ice of the polar layered deposits, however a section of bluish layers is visible below them. These bluish layers contain sand-sized rock fragments that likely formed a large polar dunefield before the overlying dusty ice was deposited. This photograph, depicting an area approximately 1.3 km (0.8 mi) across, was captured by the HiRISE camera on board NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Photograph credit: NASA / JPLCaltech / University of Arizona

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