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Bing Crosby
Bing Crosby

Eight albums from five different artists reached number one on the Billboard Best-Selling Popular Record Chart in 1945. The chart was first published in the magazine dated March 24, and included ten positions, "based on reports received from more than 200 dealers" throughout the United States. The first number-one album on the chart was the King Cole Trio's self-titled debut, released by Capitol. It topped the charts for three weeks, until it was replaced by the soundtrack of Song of Norway, an operetta written by Robert Wright and George Forrest. Bing Crosby (pictured) was the only artist to have two albums on top of the chart: Selections from Going My Way for six weeks, and Merry Christmas for four weeks. King Cole Trio was the longest reigning album of the year, with twelve weeks at number one, followed by Glenn Miller, with seven weeks. Albums released by Decca topped the charts for a total of eighteen weeks, followed by Capitol at seventeen weeks and Victor at nine weeks. (Full list...)

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Equestrian Portrait of Charles V

Equestrian Portrait of Charles V is an oil-on-canvas painting by Italian Renaissance artist Titian. Created between April and September 1548, while Titian was at the imperial court of Augsburg, it is a tribute to Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, following his victory in the Battle of Mühlberg of April 1547 against the Protestant armies of the Schmalkaldic League. The portrait gains its impact in part by its directness and sense of contained power: the horse's strength seems just in check, and Charles's brilliantly shining armour and the painting's deep reds are reminders of battle and heroism. Titian recorded all of the foreground elements – the horse, its caparison, and the rider's armour – from those used in the actual battle. Both the armour and the harness survive, and are kept at the Royal Armoury of Madrid. In 1827, the painting was acquired by the Museo del Prado in Madrid, where it hangs at present.

Painting credit: Titian

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