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Mary M. O'Reilly, acting director of the Mint, between 1910 and 1920

Mary Margaret O'Reilly (1865–1949) was the Assistant Director of the United States Bureau of the Mint. One of the highest-ranking female civil servants of her time, the "sweetheart of the Treasury" often served as the Mint's acting director in the absence of the director from 1916 until 1924, when she was formally made assistant director. O'Reilly lived her early life in Massachusetts. She left school around age 14 to help support her widowed mother and her siblings, and worked in Worcester for twenty years as a clerk. In 1904, O'Reilly succeeded in gaining a position at the Mint Bureau. Her rapid rise in the hierarchy was unusual for a woman at that time, and with many of the directors under whom she served having little knowledge of or interest in the bureau's operations, the task of running the Mint often fell to her. Beginning in 1933, O'Reilly served under her first female director, Nellie Tayloe Ross, and soon forged a strong bond with her. O'Reilly was so indispensable to the bureau's operations that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt postponed her retirement, scheduled for 1935, to 1938. (Full article...)

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Muscles of the face

"The superficial layer of the facial muscles and the neighboring muscles of the neck seen from the side and slightly from in front."
This illustration was published in the 1909 edition of Johannes Sobotta's Sobotta's Atlas and Text-book of Human Anatomy.

Illustrations: K. Hajek and A. Schmitson; Restoration: CFCF, nagualdesign

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