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Asmara Moerni (Indonesian for True Love) is a 1941 romance film from the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) produced by Ang Hock Liem for Union Films. The film was written by Saeroen and directed by Rd Ariffien. It follows Dr. Pardi (Adnan Kapau Gani), who is stunned to find that his childhood playmate, the family's maid Tati (Djoewariah), has grown up to be a beautiful woman. When his mother tells him he should marry quickly, he says only that he already has someone in mind, aware that his mother would never approve an inter-class marriage. Tati, meanwhile, is engaged to Amir (S. Joesoef), who falls victim to a car accident after many adventures. On his deathbed, Amir asks Pardi to take care of Tati; the two are later married. The black-and-white film was cast and advertised to cater to the growing native intelligentsia: Ariffien was part of the nationalist movement, Gani was a medical doctor, and advertisements emphasised the film's departures from the stage traditions which dominated the local film industry. Despite mixed reviews, Asmara Moerni was a commercial success. As with most films of the Indies, it may be lost. (Full article...)

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Two Lovers is a 1630 painting in miniature by the Persian artist Reza Abbasi towards the end of his career. Using tempera and gold on paper, Abbasi depicted two lovers in a sensual embrace, becoming, according to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, "inextricably bound together, merged volumes confined within one outline."

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