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Georgetown University seal
Georgetown University seal

Forty-one individuals have held the office of President of Georgetown University, a private Jesuit research university in Washington, D.C. The president of Georgetown University is its chief executive officer, and from its establishment until the 1960s was also the rector of the university's Jesuit community. The president is elected by and may be removed by the university's board of directors, and is ex officio a member of the board. The president is also one of five members of the university's legal corporation, known as the President and Directors of Georgetown College, which was first chartered by the United States Congress in 1815. Of the 41 presidents, nearly all have been Jesuits. Only one has been a member of another religious order while president: Louis William Valentine DuBourg, who was a Sulpician. Three presidents have gone on to become bishops: DuBourg, Leonard Neale, and Benedict Joseph Fenwick. The current officeholder, John J. DeGioia, is the university's first lay president. (Full list...)

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Madonna del cardellino

The Madonna del cardellino (Madonna of the Goldfinch) is an oil-on-panel painting by the Italian Renaissance artist Raphael, created around 1505–1506. It depicts the Virgin Mary, the Christ Child, and the young John the Baptist, holding a goldfinch in his hand, which Christ is reaching out to touch. A ten-year restoration of the painting was completed in 2008, and the work is now in the collection of the Uffizi in Florence.

Painting credit: Raphael

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