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The ship, moored at Sasebo, Japan, on 26 September 1945

Jun'yō ("Peregrine Falcon") was a Hiyō-class aircraft carrier of the Imperial Japanese Navy. She was laid down as the passenger liner Kashiwara Maru, but was purchased by the navy in 1941 while still under construction and converted into an aircraft carrier. Launched on 26 June 1941 and completed in May 1942, the ship participated in the Aleutian Islands Campaign the following month and in several battles of the Guadalcanal Campaign later in the year. Her aircraft were used from land bases during battles in the New Guinea and Solomon Islands Campaigns. Jun'yō was torpedoed in November 1943 and spent three months under repair. She was damaged by several bombs during the Battle of the Philippine Sea in mid-1944, but quickly returned to service. Lacking aircraft, she was used as a transport in late 1944 and was torpedoed again in December. Jun'yō was under repair until March 1945, when work was cancelled as uneconomical. She was then effectively hulked for the rest of the war. After the surrender of Japan in September, the Americans also decided that she was not worth the cost to make her serviceable for use as a repatriation ship, and she was broken up in 1946 and 1947. (Full article...)

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Mkrtich Khrimian
Mkrtich Khrimian

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Mohammad bin Salman
Mohammad bin Salman

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June 26: International Day in Support of Victims of Torture; Independence Day in Madagascar (1960); Flag Day in Romania

Henri Moissan
Henri Moissan

George IV of the United Kingdom (d. 1830) · Elvy Kalep (b. 1899) · Yevgeny Primakov (d. 2015)

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Gustav Kirchhoff
Gustav Kirchhoff

The Davy Medal is awarded by the Royal Society of London "for an outstandingly important recent discovery in any branch of chemistry". Named after Humphry Davy, the medal is awarded with a monetary gift, initially of £1000 (currently £2000). The medal was first awarded in 1877 to Robert Wilhelm Bunsen and Gustav Robert Kirchhoff (pictured) "for their researches & discoveries in spectrum analysis", and has since been awarded 140 times. The medal is awarded annually, and unlike other Royal Society medals, such as the Hughes Medal, it has been awarded annually without ever missing a year. The medal has been awarded to multiple individuals in the same year on seven occasions. The most recent year in which two individuals won the Davy Medal was 1968, when John Cornforth and George Joseph Popjak were honoured "in recognition of their distinguished joint work on the elucidation of the biosynthetic pathway to polyisoprenoids and steroids". (Full list...)

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The Roses of Heliogabalus

The Roses of Heliogabalus is an 1888 painting by the Anglo-Dutch artist Lawrence Alma-Tadema. It depicts a probably invented episode from the life of the Roman emperor Heliogabalus, taken from the Augustan History, in which the emperor smothers some dinner guests with drifts of pink rose petals falling from a false ceiling above. The painting is owned by the Spanish-Mexican billionaire businessman and art collector Juan Antonio Pérez Simón.

Painting: Lawrence Alma-Tadema

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