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The brewery sat in what is now the parking lot for the Archabbey's gristmill.
The brewery sat in what is now the parking lot for the Archabbey's gristmill.

Saint Vincent Beer was a dark lager brewed by monks at Saint Vincent Archabbey in Unity Township, Pennsylvania, between 1856 and 1918. It was brewed with the permission of Pope Pius IX after a dispute with the local diocese. The brewery was in a log cabin near the gristmill and supplemented by a brick building in 1868. Production peaked at around 1,100 barrels in 1891. Its popularity brought the monastery to the attention of the Catholic temperance movement. In 1895, Francesco Satolli, Apostolic Delegate to the United States, wrote to Archabbot Leander Schnerr asking for brewing to be stopped. A media campaign and criticism in Father George Zurcher's Monks and Their Decline led to the end of external sale by 1900, although the monks brewed for internal use for another 18 years. After the brewery was closed in 1918 by Archabbot Aurelius Stehle, the buildings were used for storage until they burned down in 1926. The recipe may have been lost, sold, or never written down. (Full article...)

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Gordon Memorial in Crossmichael Churchyard
Gordon Memorial in Crossmichael Churchyard

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Ayman al-Zawahiri in 2001
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Black-faced monarch

The black-faced monarch (Monarcha melanopsis) is a passerine bird in the family Monarchidae found along the eastern seaboard of Australia, and also New Guinea where most birds migrate to during the austral winter (May to August). It was originally described by Louis Jean Pierre Vieillot in 1818 from a specimen collected in New South Wales. This black-faced monarch was photographed near Brunkerville.

Photograph credit: John Harrison

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