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William of Wykeham
William of Wykeham

Old Wykehamists are former pupils of Winchester College, an independent boarding school in Winchester, Hampshire. They are named in memory of the school's founder, William of Wykeham (pictured), who was Bishop of Winchester and Lord Chancellor of England. He used the wealth these positions gave him to establish both the school and a university college, New College, Oxford, in 1382; both were set up to provide an education for 70 scholars. Winchester College opened in 1394. The school's traditions include a 600-year-old ceremony in which the warden, wearing the Founder's Ring, admits each new scholar; "Illumina", an autumn celebration, in which candles are placed into niches all over the medieval walls around the playing fields; and "Morning Hills", held once a year, when all the school's pupils and teachers climb St Catherine's Hill for a roll call and prayers. Among the Old Wykehamists are four archbishops, including one of the school's earliest pupils, Henry Chichele; four field marshals; commanders of both Fighter Command and Bomber Command during the Second World War; two viceroys of India; and six chancellors of the Exchequer, including Rishi Sunak. (Full list...)

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Portrait of Dürer's Father at 70

Portrait of Dürer's Father at 70 is an oil-on-linden-panel painting attributed to the German painter and printmaker Albrecht Dürer. Although a master goldsmith and well travelled, Albrecht Dürer the Elder, the painter's father, lived in poverty all his life. With his much younger wife, he fathered 17 children, of whom only two reached adulthood. He was supportive of his son's precocious talent and sent him to an apprenticeship with Michael Wolgemut, one of the most highly regarded painters in Nuremberg at the time. This portrait was painted in 1497, on his son's return, but whether it is the original work, or one of several copies done in the artist's workshop, is unclear. The painting currently hangs at the National Gallery, London.

Painting credit: Albrecht Dürer (attributed)

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