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Vance Drummond

Vance Drummond (1927–1967) was a New Zealand–born Australian pilot who fought in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Posted to No. 77 Squadron in Korea, he flew Gloster Meteor jet fighters and earned the US Air Medal for his combat skills. He was shot down in 1951 and imprisoned for almost two years. He was awarded the Air Force Cross in 1965 after leading the Black Diamonds aerobatic team of No. 75 Squadron. Drummond was promoted to acting wing commander in 1965 and posted to South Vietnam on staff duties with the US Air Force. He joined their 19th Tactical Air Support Squadron, operating Cessna Bird Dog aircraft, as a forward air controller in July 1966. That month he earned the Distinguished Flying Cross for his part in rescuing a company of soldiers surrounded by Viet Cong forces. Returning to Australia, he took command of No. 3 Squadron in February 1967. His Dassault Mirage IIIO crashed into the sea during a training exercise in May; neither Drummond nor the aircraft was found. (Full article...)

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Vicky López
Vicky López
  • ... that Vicky López (pictured) took up horse riding during a six-month period when she was not allowed to play football?
  • ... that Blackpink's "Pink Venom" incorporates the sounds of traditional Korean instruments such as the geomungo?
  • ... that Iona Allen, "the only one to ever make a perfect pair of boots", constructed the pair worn by Neil Armstrong on the Moon out of thirteen layers of precisely fabricated material?
  • ... that Vostok 2022 marked the most comprehensive participation of Chinese forces in a Russian military exercise to date?
  • ... that the chandelier Pokémon Chandelure is a playable character in the fighting game Pokkén Tournament?
  • ... that the REM de l'Est, a planned light rail network, was abandoned due to its controversial use of elevated railways in downtown Montreal?
  • ... that Porter Robinson listened to excerpts of 100,000 songs in two years to create his EP Virtual Self?
  • ... that tokoyama (traditional Japanese hairdressers) working in kabuki are divided into specialties named after the floors of the Kabuki-za?
  • ... that the Puyallup people traditionally took ritual sweat baths before hunting, after intercourse, and even as a sport?

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Voyager 1
Voyager 1

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April 25: Liberation Day in Italy (1945)

USS Triton (SSRN-586)
USS Triton
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Madagascar stonechat

The Madagascar stonechat (Saxicola sibilla) is a species of stonechat endemic to Madagascar. It is a small bird, closely similar to the African stonechat in both plumage and behaviour, but distinguished from it by the more extensive black on the throat and minimal orange-red on the upper breast of the males. This male Madagascar stonechat perching on a branch was photographed in Analamazaotra National Park, near Andasibe.

Photograph credit: Charles J. Sharp

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