Åkeshov Castle

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Åkeshov Castle

Åkeshov Castle is a castle in Bromma, a borough of Stockholm, Sweden.

Historically, Åkeshov was located in i Bromma socken, which was incorporated with the city of Stockholm in 1916. On Åkeshovs large lot the districts Nockeby, Nockebyhov, Höglandet, Åkeslund, and parts of Riksby were built. After having undergone a careful reconstruction, that took heed to the castles art historically valuable interiors, the castle is today used a conference facility.


The estate of Åkeshov Castle is originally named Nockeby and was already heard of in the 1400s when Stockholms district court judge Peder Ålänning (unknown year of birth, dead around 1404-1407) owned the castle. He was the district court judge in Stockholm from around 9 June 1375 up until his death. Peter Ålänning was one of his times richest people in Stockholm and sometimes worked as a banker for, among others, King Albert of Sweden and Bo Jonsson (Grip). He owned a house in Stockholm, and multiple plots across Sweden.

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