Étude in D-sharp minor, Op. 8, No. 12 (Scriabin)

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The opening of Étude Op. 8, No. 12 features large jumps in left hand part.

Étude in D-sharp minor, Op. 8, No. 12, is an étude for piano composed by Alexander Scriabin in 1894.[1] It features many technical challenges, including treacherous stretches with intervals up to an eleventh, numerous jumps in the left hand, repetitive chord strikes, and abundant octaves. It is a particular favorite among pianists and audiences alike. This piece was a favorite encore of Vladimir Horowitz.


The dramatic motive and moving recitative of the solo in the upper voices on the chordal background is characteristic of Scriabin's early creations.[2] The typical tempo for the piece is around 100-112 bpm. The right hand is always playing octaves except for the piece's ending. Similarly, the left hand is continually jumping around until the final chord is struck.


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