She is Such a Woman

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Öyle bir kadın ki
She is Such a Woman 3.jpg
Directed by Naki Yurter
Produced by Erdoğan Tilav (Gaye Film)
Written by Recep Filiz
Starring Zerrin Doğan, Levent Günsel, Zafir Seba, Yılmaz Şahin
Cinematography Sedat Ülker
Release date
Country Turkey
Language Turkish

Öyle Bir Kadın Ki (She is Such a Woman) (1979) is the first Turkish film which included a hardcore scene to be legally produced and distributed.

The plot claims to deal with the sexual ambivalence of married couples on vacation, accompanied by a crime story. The movie started a short-lived, but intense period of pornography in Turkey until the 1980 Turkish coup d'état. Today, it is difficult to find the original, uncut version. Directed by Naki Yurter (Yani Veligradino), the lead role played by Zerrin Doğan.


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