İzmir Atatürk Volleyball Hall

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Izmir Atatürk Volleyball Hall
İzmir Atatürk Volleyball Hall
Former names Izmir Atatürk Sports Hall
Public transit Alsancak Station, İZBAN
Type Arena
Genre(s) Sporting events
Capacity 6000
Built 1971
Renovated 2012
Expanded 2012
BAL Spor
Kapalı Spor Salonu Voleybol Sahası.jpg

İzmir Atatürk Volleyball Hall (Turkish: İzmir Atatürk Voleybol Salonu) is a volleyball venue located in the district of Alsancak in İzmir, Turkey.

After serving as the indoor sport hall for competitions of basketball, volleyball and handball for 40 years, it has been rebuilt to serve as the volleyball hall of the city and has a capacity of 6,000 people. Along with other local teams, İzmir's volleyball powerhouse Arkas plays its matches in this hall.

International events hosted[edit]

İzmir Atatürk Volleyball Hall hosted basketball games of the Universiade 2005, which was held between August 11 and 21 2005 in İzmir. It also hosted 15 games of the Group B in the preliminary round of the Eurobasket 2005 Women from September 2 to 7 2005.


Coordinates: 38°26′1″N 27°8′53″E / 38.43361°N 27.14806°E / 38.43361; 27.14806