Šakvice train collision

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Šakvice train disaster
Date 24 December 1953 (1953-12-24)
Location Šakvice
Coordinates 48°54′51″N 16°42′05″E / 48.91417°N 16.70139°E / 48.91417; 16.70139Coordinates: 48°54′51″N 16°42′05″E / 48.91417°N 16.70139°E / 48.91417; 16.70139
Country Czechoslovakia
Type of incident Collision
Trains 2
Deaths 103
Injuries 83
Route map
Accident location in Czechoslovakia

The Šakvice train disaster occurred on 24 December 1953 in Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic). A local train was standing at the Šakvice station near Brno, when the Prague-Bratislava express ran into it, resulting in 103 deaths and a further 83 injured. The Ministry of the Interior said there was gross negligence by a number of railway men who had since been arrested. Other reports said that the express train crew had consumed a number of bottles of wine. Other sources have over 100 or 186 deaths.

This rail accident was one of the 20 most serious rail accidents by death toll to 1953.[1]


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