Infinity (EP)

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Emi tawata - infinity.jpg
EP by Emi Tawata
Released April 23, 2008
Genre Jazz, Funk, Reggea
Label Techesko
Emi Tawata chronology

∞infinity∞ is the first mini-album from Japanese singer Emi Tawata under the label Techesko.[1] The album managed to reach the #110 spot on the Oricon ranking and charted for 4 weeks. This mini-album includes a reggae cover of Fumido's "Yura Yura." and the song Negai no Sora which managed to get the #1 spot on the Indies chart as a single.[2]

Track list[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Arrangement Length
1. "Naturally" Emi Tawata LORI FINE COLDFEET 4:12
2. "Music Box" Emi Tawata Tomita Keiiti Tomita Keiiti 5:26
3. "ゆらゆら (Yura Yura)" Wataru Kazuhisa Wataru Kazuhisa Mori Toshiya 4:43
4. "CAN'T REACH" Emi Tawata Emi Tawata YANAGIMAN 5:31
5. "ネガイノソラ (Nagai no Sora)" Saki Tamaki Yoshi Haruaki Tamaki Yoshi Haruaki 4:42


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