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The 120mm M2 Rifled Heavy Mortar (pt: MORTEIRO PESADO 120mm M2 RAIADO) is a Brazilian 120 mm mortar designed to have great firepower, mobility, and flexibility. The RT-M2 is designed by the War Arsenal of Rio de Janeiro for the Brazilian Army artillery.[1] The RT-M2 can be transported by ground or air, and can also be air dropped, and offers a 360° range without the necessity of repositioning the base. The RT-M2 can use any 120 mm ammunition built to international standards.


  • Official name: Mrt P 120 M2 R (120 M2 heavy mortar)
  • Manufacturer: AGRJ - War Arsenal of Rio de Janeiro - Arsenal D. John VI
  • Caliber: 120 mm[2]
  • Length: 3.060 m[3]
  • Total Weight: 717 kg
  • Range: 6,5 km standard projectile or 13 km additional propulsion
  • Rate of fire: 18 rounds / min
  • Use: Command or Automatic



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