1945 Svenska Cupen Final

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1945 Svenska Cupen Final
Event 1945 Svenska Cupen
Date 26 August 1945
Venue Råsunda, Solna
Referee Erik Jansson (Kvarnsveden)
Attendance 31,896

The 1945 Svenska Cupen final took place on 26 August 1945 at Råsunda in Solna. It was contested between Allsvenskan sides IFK Norrköping and Malmö FF. The final was a repeat of last years final which Malmö FF won 4–3 after extra time. IFK Norrköping played their third final in total and Malmö FF played their second final in total. IFK Norrköping won their second title with a 4–1 victory.

Match details[edit]

26 August 1945
IFK Norrköping 4 – 1 Malmö FF
Carlbom Goal 13'
Ericson Goal 37'
K.Nordahl Goal 53'71'
Sandberg Goal 4'
Råsunda, Solna
Attendance: 31,896
Referee: Erik Jansson (Kvarnsveden)
IFK Norrköping
Malmö FF
GK Sweden Torsten Lindberg
DF Sweden Oscar Holmqvist
DF Sweden Gösta Malm
DF Sweden Birger Rosengren
DF Sweden Einar Stéen
MF Sweden Lennart Wigren
MF Sweden Halvar Carlbom
MF Sweden Knut Nordahl
MF Sweden Gunnar Nordahl
FW Sweden Erik Holmqvist
FW Sweden Georg Ericson
Hungary Lajos Czeizler
GK Sweden Helge Bengtsson
DF Sweden Hans Malmström
DF Sweden Erik Nilsson
DF Sweden Kjell Rosén
DF Sweden Sture Mårtensson
MF Sweden Kjell Hjertsson
MF Sweden Sven Hjertsson
MF Sweden Börje Tapper
MF Sweden Gustaf Nilsson
FW Sweden Carl-Erik Sandberg
FW Sweden Stellan Nilsson
Sweden Sven Nilsson

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