1948 NCAA Baseball Tournament

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1948 NCAA Baseball Tournament
Season 1948
Teams 8
Finals Site
Champions Southern California (1st title)
Runner-Up Yale (2nd CWS Appearance)
Winning coach Sam Barry
Rod Dedeaux (1st title)

The 1948 NCAA Baseball Tournament was the second NCAA-sanctioned baseball tournament that determined a national champion. The tournament was held as the conclusion of the 1948 NCAA baseball season. The 1948 College World Series was played at Hyames Field on the campus of Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan from June 25 to 26. The tournament champion was Southern California coached by Sam Barry and Rod Dedeaux. It was the Trojans' first of 12 championships through the 2012 season.


The tournament was divided into two regional brackets, the Eastern Playoff and the Western Playoff. Unlike the previous year, this year's tournament was double-elimination.


As with the inaugural tournament, each representative of the eight districts was determined by a mix of selection committees, conference champions, and district playoffs.. Eight teams were divided among the East and West brackets.[1] The district playoffs would later expand to become regionals, but were originally not part of the NCAA-sanctioned championship play.

School Conference Record (Conference) Berth Previous NCAA Appearances
Baylor SWC 16–9 (9–5) None
Colorado State[a] None
Illinois Big Nine 20–5–1 (10–2) Won District IV Playoffs 1
Lafayette 16–8 Won Playoffs None
North Carolina Southern Won District III Playoffs None
Oklahoma A&M MVC 19–4 Won District V Playoffs None
Southern California CIBA 22–3 (13–2) None
Yale EIBL 18–6–1 (6–3) 1

Eastern Playoff[edit]

At Winston-Salem, North Carolina[2][3][4]

First round Semifinals Finals
 Yale 6  
 North Carolina 1  
   Yale 11  
   Lafayette 2  
 Lafayette 9
 Illinois 6  
   Yale 4
   Lafayette 3
 North Carolina 7  
 Illinois 3  
   Lafayette 5
   North Carolina 2  

Western Playoff[edit]

At Denver, Colorado[5][6][7]

First round Semifinals Finals
 Southern California 8  
 Baylor 0  
   Southern California 7  
   Oklahoma A&M 1  
 Oklahoma A&M 13
 Colorado State 7  
   Southern California 16
   Baylor 3
 Baylor 13  
 Colorado State 4  
   Oklahoma A&M 8
   Baylor 9  

College World Series[edit]


School Conference Record (Conference) Head Coach CWS Appearances CWS Best Finish CWS Record
Southern California CIBA 24–3 (13–2) Sam Barry 0
(last: none)
none 0–0
Yale EIBL 20–7–1 (6–3) Ethan Allen 1
(last: 1947)


The 1948 College World Series was a best of three series, like the first tournament in 1947.


  College World Series
   Southern California 3 3 9
   Yale 1 8 2

Game results[edit]

Date Game Winner Score Loser Notes
June 25 Game 1 Southern California 3–1 Yale
June 26 Game 2 Yale 8–3 Southern California
Game 3 Southern California 9–2 Yale Southern California wins CWS

Notable players[edit]


  1. ^ Colorado State College is currently known as the University of Northern Colorado. Not to be confused with Colorado State University, then known as Colorado A&M.


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