1st Georgia Infantry

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1st Georgia Infantry
1st Georgia Regulars
Flag of the State of Georgia (1861, blue).svg
Flag of the State of Georgia
Active April, 1861 — April 1865
Country Confederate States of America
Allegiance Georgia
Confederate States of America
Branch Confederate States Army
Type Regiment
Role Infantry

American Civil War

Charles J. Williams
William J. Magill
Richard A. Wayne

The 1st Georgia Infantry Regiment was an infantry regiment in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. Differing from 1st (Ramsey's) Infantry and 1st (Mercer's-Olmstead's) Infantry Regiments; it was also known as the 1st Georgia Regulars.


The regiment was organized at Macon, Georgia in April 1861. The companies first named were twelve months' troops, a majority re-enlisting for the war, while others were mustered out when the twelve months expired. The regimental commander, Col. Charles J. Williams, died on February 8, 1862. Now led by Col. William J. Magill, the regiment served in the Army of Northern Virginia in the Eastern Theater of the American Civil War. When Magill was wounded at Antietam, being part of Gen. G.T. Angerson's brigade, the command developed to Cpt. Richard A. Wayne. The 1st Georgia was transferred to the Department of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida in early 1863. In Gen. George P. Harrison's brigade it participated in the Battle of Olustee. When Magill retired on September 3, 1864, Wayne was named as his successor. The regiment was surrendered along with Joseph E. Johnston's army at Bennett Place in North Carolina on April 26, 1865.


  • A Company - (reformed as Hamilton's battery in July 1862)
  • A Company - Georgia Regulars
  • B Company - Emmett Rifles
  • C Company
  • D Company - (reformed as Maxwell's Battery in 1862)
  • E Company
  • F Company
  • G Company - Brunswick Defenders
  • H Company
  • I Company
  • K Company
  • L Company - Atlanta Greys / Fulton Greys
  • M Company

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