1st Wave

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1st Wave
Broadcast areaUnited States
FrequencySirius XM Radio 33
FormatClassic alternative, new wave music, post-punk, 1980s college rock, "New Pop/New Music" and 1980s synthpop; first wave punk and late 70s-80s punk rock (non-hardcore)
ClassSatellite Radio Station
OwnerSirius XM Radio
Website1st Wave

1st Wave is a commercial-free Internet radio station provided by XM Satellite Radio. Its general content consists of alternative music, new wave music and other forms of "classic alternative" originally released in the late seventies, the eighties, and the early nineties.[1]

The internet player can be configured to either play more synthesizer-based music (e.g. synthpop, darkwave), or guitar-based music (e.g. punk rock, post-punk). It can also be configured to play more American artists or more European artists.

Artists frequently heard[edit]


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