2000 department store "Centrs" bombing

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2000 department store "Centrs" bombing
LocationRiga, Latvia
DateAugust 17, 2000
5:19 pm – 5:27 pm (UTC+2)
TargetDepartment store "Centrs"
Attack type
WeaponsTime bombs

Two explosives placed at the downtown Riga shopping center Centrs detonated on 17 August 2000. The two blasts occurred in the lobby of the supermarket ten minutes apart. One person died of their injuries and 35 were wounded in the attack.[1][2]


The first bomb exploded at 5:19 pm. Police arrived few minutes later and started the evacuation. The blast had shattered glass windows and filled the ground floor with smoke. Eight minutes later the second bomb exploded. Dozens were injured, three had to be rushed to hospitals whilst 33 others were treated at the scene. One woman died in hospital.


After a year and a half police arrested Leonards Butlis who was later charged for planting the second bomb. He was acquitted by the Supreme Court one year later. Since then no one has been found guilty and charged for the explosions.

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