2002 Major League Lacrosse Collegiate Draft

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2002 Collegiate Draft of Major League Lacrosse

# Overall Team Player College
Round 1
1 Rochester
(from Bridgeport)
Josh Coffman Syracuse
2 Boston Steve Dusseau Georgetown
3 Boston (from NJ) Conor Gill Virginia
4 Bridgeport
(from Rochester)
Nick Polanco Hofstra
5 Rochester
(from Boston)
John Glatzel Syracuse
6 Baltimore
(from Long Island)
Tom Kessler Hofstra
Round 2
7 Long Island
(from Bridgeport)
Matt McFarland Massachusetts
8 Boston Don Little Massachusetts
9 New Jersey Scott Dooley Hofstra
10 Rochester Will Driscoll Penn State
11 Long Island Dan Paccione Massachusetts
12 Baltimore Justin Cynar Cornell
Round 3
13 Boston
(from Bridgeport)
Jimmy Mormile Brown
14 Boston Marko Lujic Yale
15 New Jersey Brian Solliday Syracuse
16 Boston
(from Rochester)
Galen Beers Cornell
17 Long Island Nick Murtha Johns Hopkins
18 Baltimore Billy St. George Syracuse
Round 4
19 Bridgeport Devin Ryan Notre Dame
20 Long Island
(from Boston)
Tim Pearson Army
21 Bridgeport
(from New Jersey)
Josh Tankersley Towson
22 Rochester Mark Koontz Virginia
23 Rochester
(from Bridgeport)
Nate Watkins Maryland
24 Baltimore Brad Reppert Towson
Round 5
25 Bridgeport Marc Morley Massachusetts
26 Boston Scott Yavarow Bentley
27 New Jersey P.J. DiConza Johns Hopkins
28 Rochester Dan Chemotti Duke
29 Bridgeport
(from Long Island)
Nick Russo Virginia
30 Baltimore Brenndan Mohler Virginia