2003 Indoor Hockey World Cup

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The 2003 Indoor Hockey World Cup championship was the first time this competition took place. It occurred in February 2003, in Leipzig, Germany.[1] The host nation Germany won both the men’s and women’s gold medals. The Eurosport TV channel covered the event, which had good ratings despite the late schedule. The 2015 Men's Indoor Hockey World Cup was also held in Leipzig, Germany. A total of 20 million viewers watched 13 hours broadcast on Eurosport, with ten matches broadcast on live TV.[2]

This competition included several countries which are not strong competitors at the outdoor international level.

Men competition[edit]

Ranking Team
1 Germany
2 Poland
3 France
4 Switzerland
5 Netherlands
6 Canada
7 Australia
8 Czech Republic
9 Russia
10 South Africa
11 United States
12 New Zealand

Women competition[edit]

Ranking Team
1 Germany
2 Netherlands
3 France
4 Czech Republic
5 Belarus
6 Lithuania
7 Austria
8 Russia
9 Australia
10 South Africa
11 Trinidad and Tobago
12 Mexico


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